Preparing for Fall, Coffee Sleeves and Pumpkin Spice

Fall Coffee: Custom Coffee Sleeves and Why Pumpkin Spice Will Die Out

The first day of fall is now just 44 days away.  That might seem like it’s a ways off and yes, it is.  However, like with any holiday or season, the festivities and traditions start early.  That means by the end of August, we should already start to see a transition from summer to fall.  Look for TV and web ads to feature less fun and sunshine and more gloom and doom.  Until the holiday season, advertisements will look a lot less like Corona ads.  It’s not all gloom and doom.  Sure the days are getting shorter and all of the trees and plants are about to go dormant.  There are parts of autumn of which we can agree are enjoyable and something to which to look forward.  Take cooler weather for example.  Regardless, we’re all about to feel a lot more groggy and tired than we did back in June which means we’re about to enter peak season for something we all love.

We’re on the verge of beginning the peak season for lattes, cappuccinos, and other coffee-based drinks.  Here’s your fall guide to all things coffee.

Trends Coffee Shops Should Embrace

During the summer months, hot coffee drinks take a backseat to cold and chilled beverages.  It makes sense.  We all want coffee regardless of what day it is but for most of us, a scorching hot latte isn’t very attractive on a 100-degree day.  So come summer, coffee shops big and small stock up on products to brew cold-brew drinks.  This past summer, we saw a massive increase in the number of independent brands offering their own cold-brewed drinks in to-go cans and bottles.  Consumer loved it but come the fall, a cold drink will no longer have the same appeal as a hot latte.

Coffee shops and chains are left to come up with a new way to entice coffee drinkers to visit their shops and visit them often.  Here are the trends to notice this fall;

Flavored Lattes, Again.

I’ll get into the whole pumpkin spice dilemma in a second but for now, I’m going to get into the flavored latte trend.  First off, flavored lattes are actually quite gross.  The flavors added come from sugary artificial syrups and fatty creams.  I avoid flavored coffee drinks as much as I possibly can.  However, a lot of consumers don’t. Though I think pumpkin spice is about to die out, there will be a plethora of other disgusting flavors from which to choose.

Look for pecan, caramel, apple, and other fall desserts to make their way into a latte additive.  As fattening and gross as they are, people love the sweet and vaguely familiar taste of seasonal lattes.

Craft Espresso Beverages

Hate flavored lattes replacing actual coffee?  Look for try-hard cafes to try even harder to lure coffee drinkers into buying expensive espresso-based beverages.  Even plain ole’ coffee will become a trend for hip cafes replacing their traditional coffee pots with pour-over contraptions.

Custom Coffee Sleeves

Offering a customized approach to coffee is a trend that’s been around for a while.  Whether it’s incorrectly writing a customer’s name on the side of their cup or frequent drinker programs, we love when something is personalized or made for us.  Branding that’s appealing to a consumer’s aesthetic and appears to be directed at them will bring them into local coffee shops more often.  Look for the customized trends to continue with coffee shops introducing custom coffee sleeves and custom coasters.

The Demise of the Pumpkin Spice Latte

Pumpkin spice is disgusting.  The only reason people embrace the flavor is because it’s seasonal.  If it wasn’t for the fact that it only stays around for a few months, people wouldn’t care.  Unfortunately, the media and personalities on social media love to make pumpkin spice seem better than it really is.  It’s not good and the only reason it’s coming back is because of its new meme status.  Give it one or two more rotations and pecan or caramel will be brought to the forefront.  People are getting sick and tired of pumpkin spice whether or not we can see it.

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