Culture, Sports Culture, and Current Culture

What is culture? Culture is the social behavior in our society.  It manifests itself in what we find important and what holds our attention.  It takes into account all views and behaviors of a given segment, so the collective viewpoint is what is important.  Culture changes over time.

What is sports culture?  To build off our definition of culture, sports culture is which sports we watch, participate in, and follow.  It is also what we find most important about sports.  We might prefer sportsmanship and hard work over cheating, or we praise the winner and ignore minor transgressions.  Sports culture is prevalent from the little-league games of children to the championship games of professionals.

What is current in culture?  Well, this is the golden question and the company with the answer wins business. A speciality company for sports marketing in St. Louis first posed this question, and has been chasing the answer ever since.  Knowing what people support and spend money on right now is what leads to success.  The question goes much deeper than knowing why England supports soccer while the United States watches baseball.  It even reacts faster than declining audience numbers for professional football.  It is staying curious and always trying to learn more.

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