3 Of The Most Common Courier Jobs

Being a courier is one of the most popular job roles. It gives drivers a chance to see more of the world, greater control over their schedules, and, if you own your vehicle, it has an extremely low entry level with few costs. If you’re thinking of going into the delivery business full time, here are three of the most popular areas.

#1 Freight driver

Freight drivers are charged with big, powerful trucks and often embark on long journeys. Freight varies, but truckers usually transport heavy-duty goods or shipments that consist of many items. This is the job of choice for anybody who loves the open road. While some truck drivers operate in local areas, most span vast distances. Drivers might travel from one end of the country to the other, and some might even traverse whole continents. Unbridled freedom and a desire to explore are two of the most commonly cited reasons for entering into this career.

There are drawbacks, of course. Lengthy periods away from home, family and friends can be demoralizing, and some truckers suffer from loneliness. Moreover, spending a long time in the cab can lead to muscle problems, cramps, and sometimes obesity. It’s important to take regular breaks on the road, but if you can manage the time away from home, trucking is a fantastic way to see the world. 

#2 Courier

Local couriers operate in a much smaller radius, which eliminates problems like loneliness and excessive time spent confined in a cabin. There are plenty of ways to become a local courier. These range from sourcing your own delivery driver jobs using a jobs board like, to working for a courier company. The former option is increasingly popular as it gives drivers more freedom. They select the work that they want on a schedule that suits them, working in a totally freelance capacity.

Choosing to work for a local courier company means that you don’t have to source your own jobs, but timetables can get hectic, and delivery slots are usually tight. If delivering packages doesn’t suit, there’s also the option to deliver food from local restaurants, an industry that boomed during the pandemic. Local couriers have near limitless options, so this is certainly an area worthy of further exploration.

#3 Medical couriers

Working as a medical courier isn’t quite as straightforward as the previous two jobs. It requires training, not least because you’ll be supplying lifesaving medical treatments. These can range from blood donations to organ transplants, so your cargo is precious. Moreover, medical couriers operate in an environment where time is of the essence. The job is stressful, so even a traffic queue can be an anxiety-inducing experience.

Nonetheless, this is one of the most rewarding jobs that you’ll find. Every delivery makes a difference and might save a life, so you’ll always be doing your bit for society. If you can tolerate a bit of additional training and stress, then this is a career that warrants real consideration.