“We must seek a revolution in technology that gives us inventions and machineries that reverse the destructive tendencies that now threaten us all.” This is how tech experts respond, in total contrast to what happens to a child who is stuck on screens all day.

Because having a technoadict at home is not something that is harmful only to the child himself, but to the whole family. Excessive addiction, in this case of technology, is a serious schism that is difficult to solve, but it is not an insurmountable barrier.

What is technology addiction?

In the last 10 years there has been a technological growth of which we have not found any precedents in history. Science has advanced and is advancing at an increasing speed, without this necessarily being a sign of progress.

For many people, especially young people and teenagers, being permanently connected and having the latest technologies is no longer an option, but something indispensable. 

So far, we have not really seen anything negative. However, when a young person is unable to do without their technological devices, they consult them constantly to the point of interfering in their own academic and mental performance. They even suffer unjustified fury attacks if they are deprived of their terminals or the Internet connection, we may be talking about technoadict or an addiction to technology.

Now, can we help a minor technoadict? Obviously, however, once the problem has branched out, it is increasingly complex. The best solution is prevention. However, we will try to give some clues to help the young man overcome this serious condition.

How to treat a child addicted to technology

As we have said, helping a child with addiction to technology is not easy. However, there are keys that we can put into practice so that the young person improves his condition. Remember that you will have to have a lot of patience, empathy and understanding before doing anything:

  1. Also, at the slightest suspicion that your child may be addicted to technology, talk to a psychologist . This must always be the first step. Observe the young person, study their habits and try to create an exact picture to talk to the specialist, to which you must go without the child. The professional will give you the guidelines to follow according to the severity level.
  2. If the condition is in full development or you think that the adolescent still only has this potential problem, you can limit the use of internet and data . Do not offer flat rates on the mobile or constant connection. It is preferable to establish schedules and limitations.
  3. It is also convenient that you review the invoices . Use rates that allow you to establish the level of use of different technology terminals. So you can share the data with the boy, compare them with normal use and try to make him see reason.
  4. If your child is too young, it is a good idea to remove the devices progressively. Technological addictions of boys of only 8 years old are known. We have to be clear that the technology for them is not bad, it becomes harmful at the moment when there is an abuse of it. To help them make positive use of technology, parents are suggested to use Android parental controls offered by specialized apps such as FamilyTime android parental control.

The app lets parents schedule screen locks and administer device use to every possible limit.

  1. Finally, if you spend all day attached to the devices it is normal for the child to assume this behavior as normal and not to think critically about it. It will simply be easier for you to imitate and more difficult for you to justify that he can not use certain devices with the same frequency as you.