Can You Create A Smart DNS Service Yourself?

If you travel overseas for work or extended stays with family, or maybe you are an ex-pat and miss American sports, you have probably looked into ways of watching streamed content from anywhere in the world.

Often NCAA is region locked. This means watching NCAA from abroad is impossible using current and conventional internet services. This is frustrating and may feel difficult to overcome. The solution is to use a smart DNS service. This reroutes your connection to an American region, unlocking content, including American sports.

There are privacy concerns, however, and this may make using a service difficult. Perhaps this is an issue for you and you want alternatives. So, with this in mind, how easy is it to set up your own smart DNS service? Let’s take a closer look.

Creating Your Own Smart DNS Service

It is impossible to create your own smart DNS service without some coding and server knowledge. You will need to rent your own servers that have reliable uptime and are fast. Some use virtual private servers for this purpose.

To get this up and running you’ll need competent knowledge of servers or know somebody who can configure your server for you. If you are hosting websites on your servers, you will need to ensure that they can handle the additional load from streaming HD content.

The good news is that on GitHub code has been posted to help you configure your servers to get this up and running. It is still a task not to be undertaken by a beginner given the complexities involved.

The Downsides to Your Own Smart DNS Server

The downside to running your own smart DNS server is that you have to maintain it. This is not just standard server maintenance but to keep pace with changes content providers introduce. Netflix and the like have to region block content for licensing reasons. This is particularly prevalent in sports where TV licensing and steaming rights are lucrative contracts.

As such, sporting content providers are always looking for ways to block content and defeat smart DNS services. As such, you will have to maintain your service accordingly to continue to stream the content.

Using a Service

Although there are privacy concerns with using a smart DNS service, the fact is there are good services on the market. Fees tend to be small, and with a little tweaking of your router, you can be up and running in minutes.

This is one of the reasons why there has been an explosion of smart DNS service providers as the market is growing at a phenomenal rate.

If you consider that unless you have your own servers that you want to dedicate to creating your own smart DNS, it is probably best to opt for a service provider. You do not have to think about maintenance, and should one provider be unable to deliver services you can switch to another.

This gives you flexibility, and it ensures a consistent service. Best of all you can enjoy American sports no matter where you are in the world.