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Expected Trends in 2022 Tech Startups News 

Keeping up with tech startups news is important for a number of reasons. It helps investors know which areas they should take an interest in and which ones have good opportunities for investment. For owners of startups, or people with interest in building tech products, following software companies news helps to know which technologies make sense in the current market. 

Software companies news websites are a great resource for keeping a finger on the pulse of the software industry and facilitating due diligence for multiple players in the industry. 

In 2021, technologies like virtual reality, industry 4.0, vehicle to everything communication, edge computing applications, and cloud storage were common in tech startups news. 

Which technologies will dominate tech news in 2022? 

Below are some predictions. 

Self-Awareness and Democratization in Artificial Intelligence 

Democratization with No-Code and Low-Code Platforms 

Artificial intelligence (AI) has come a long way, from an interesting technology to one with practical applications in a myriad of industries. However, the use of AI has been restricted to only those who could code. With the rise of low-code and no-code methodologies of using AI, this revolutionary technology will be available to more people. 

Already, companies like Google have provided online solutions that enable anyone to train a machine learning model and apply it on their website or in a variety of other places. Such models don’t require any coding skills. 

Ushering in the Age of Self-Aware AI 

Great strides have been made in AI. However, AI is still largely dependent on supervised learning. 

In 2022, we’ll expect to see more instances of AI models that are capable of at least a basic level of self-awareness, learning from experiences,, and making associations between inputs and outputs. 

Already, innovations such as the generative pre-trained transformer are capable of composing original text after having read a large amount of text. Similar applications are expected as we move forward. 

This will come with advantages such as the customization of AI by end users, proactive actions done by AI, and the generation of creative content. 

The metaverse took the tech world by storm in 2021. As a result, the general public’s interest in virtual worlds has grown. In addition, this interest has been fuelled by the desire to make profit by speculating on the value of virtual property in the metaverse. 

Already, companies are spending a lot of money to acquire property in the metaverse and explore ways in which they could gain a competitive edge during these early stages of the industry. 

In 2022, we can expect many companies, both established ones and startups, to venture into the metaverse. Such companies will be designing virtual worlds and developing products for use in the metaverse, such as avatars. 

The interest in non-fungible tokens (NFTs) is also expected to grow. 

The Launching of Mixed-Reality Products 

Of late, big companies like Microsoft have been acquiring companies that have an interest in virtual and augmented reality (AR). One of the most-talked about events in the tech industry in 2021 was the rebranding of Facebook as Meta. This signaled not only the company’s interest in the metaverse but also the growing interest in the industry as a whole. 

Major companies like Apple, Microsoft, and Meta have been doing a lot of mixed-reality work behind the scenes. In 2022, these companies could begin rolling out products like virtual reality glasses. 

Increased Interest in Quantum Computing 

The amount of private investments in quantum computing startups has steadily been rising. We can expect more innovational breakthroughs in addition to new and practical applications for the technology. 

Decision makers are also expected to start seriously considering the effect of the quantum computing technology on various industries. 

Blockchain Technology and the Decentralized Web 

2021 saw a remarkable increase in the interest around cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology as a whole. Crypto ceased being a preserve of the tech-savvy and garnered interest among the general public. 

Other applications of the blockchain technology have been explored. Amid the ongoing privacy crisis in which big-tech companies have unprecedented access to user data, the decentralized web has been suggested as a solution.

Sustainable Technology 

The climate change debate rages on. Though universal measures have not been put in place to combat climate change, we’ve seen significant action being taken towards sustainability. 

Startups and companies in the sustainable energy sector have been receiving increased funding and this trend can only be expected to continue. As populations and governments start taking climate change more seriously, the spending on sustainable ventures will increase. 

The adoption of electric vehicles has really gathered steam. More traditional vehicle manufacturers are expected to join the bandwagon. 

In addition, more startups are expected to crop up in the sustainable energy sector as sources such as solar are explored further. 

Cyber Security 

The covid pandemic has had numerous effects, one of which is the increased adoption of technology in the workplace. More employees have been working remotely. This has led to an increase in the vulnerabilities which can be exploited by cyber criminals. 

Cyber crime has been on the rise, a trend which is expected to continue. 

As a result, we can expect more cyber security startups to provide better solutions for cyber security, not only for corporates but also for individuals online. 

We can also expect to see a rise in novel approaches to cybersecurity. For example, rather than waiting for cybercriminals to carry out attacks, more companies will be taking a proactive cybersecurity approach. This involves the implementation of automated web monitoring solutions. Through such solutions, companies can monitor not only the surface web but also the deep web, enabling them to have more success in thwarting attacks before they happen. 

The Takeaway

All in all, 2022 is expected to be a great year for technology and tech startups. The adoption of technologies such as ecommerce, virtual meetings, and live streams has received a boost from the pandemic. Technologies such as the metaverse and blockchain have also been brought to the fore. 

We can expect issues such as regulation of big tech regarding privacy and user-data to gain prominence.