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How To Breathe Life Into Your Supermarket

The retail design of your store needs to reflect on what your potential shoppers are expecting.  If you are very competitive on pricing then you need to look at what the retail design is for other stores in your area.  Figure out what you can do to make your supermarket more inviting but also make sense.  People are very much into convenience these days and probably won’t tolerate the older traditions which would have you go through the entire store just to get a gallon of milk.  The idea back then is that you would grab some other items that you forgot you needed along the way.  However, this is an old way of thinking as more and more consumers avoid shopping altogether and use shopping apps or have their food delivered.  The more convenient your store is, the better it is set up for the modern-day world. 

Things you should take a look at when you are evaluating your supermarket is the curb appeal as well.  It has been proven over and over again that if consumers have choices they are going to go into the establishments that have clean and clear parking lots, easy to find entrances and lighted areas more than the counterparts.  The curb appeal needs to be inviting, clean and well lit at night.  Clean modern designs are more attractive to customers.  And, the good news is that you really only have to focus on the front of the building, as that is where most people will look.  Be sure that you have a nice clean modern sign and that your entry is up to date and modern looking.  Without breaking the bank, take a look at how you can improve the exterior look of the building.

Retail Design

Inside, we need to look at the interior design as well as the retail design of the grocery store.  Does it have a nice flow to it, is it open and spacious?  Be sure that when you are doing the interior design that you don’t get too much into a bunch of colors and pictures that distract the customers from your products.  But, also don’t go too generic that it looks cheap and comes off as you don’t care either.  There is a delicate balance in signage.  You need to have signage that directs people on where to go to find certain things.  It is in a sense like a map to help guide the customers.

A good retail design will have a nice flow to the store.  Things will be easy to find and it will certainly make sense.  Having your produce, dairy, and meats on the outer perimeters while all the dry goods in the middle are how most grocery stores set their stores up.  But, how to display things and the signs that you use as well as the flooring, lighting and how clean it is are all determining factors if someone will choose your store over another.  Be sure that you take all these things into account to help breathe life into your supermarket.