How To Change The Phone Number On WhatsApp

WhatsApp, as an information transmitter through a simple internet connection enables users to log in and share their messages interactively. It requires a phone number for verification whereas it may be varied with the region. There are many users who like to use more than one WhatsApp account for different uses. It is also familiarly known with the usage of WhatsApp app that it is the only application that is installed when a new mobile is purchased by any individual of this generation.
Many business intellects use WhatsApp as the medium for exchanging their messages about their business. For them, WhatsApp introduced Business application also for making their work simplified. Many of such business people use many phone numbers for their business to promote their business in various ways. But changing a phone number with the existing WhatsApp account number may have some steps to follow. Before doing that, there should be a verified phone number.

The process of changing WhatsApp phone number:

However, for changing the Whats App phone number, the user may need to notify their friends and family about it and make some changes to the app with the older phone number.
When the WhatsApp phone number is changed, the contacts members will not personally be informed about the change. Only members who share the group chats will be notified that the number has been changed, that will also be displayed when they open any common group chat.

For changing the mobile number in WhatsApp application in Android Phone:

Steps to be followed:
1. Open Settings and tap on Profile.
2. In that page, Open Account and click on Change Number.
A warning message is shown which asks a confirmation with an OTP that is sent to the new number. Enter the OTP and click on Next.

3. It will redirect to a page where the user needs to enter their old phone number and new phone number in the columns provided. Now, click on Done.
Once if the process is finished, all the user’s contact list will be notified indirectly that his/her contact number has been changed to a new one.

For changing the mobile number in WhatsApp application in iPhone:

Before changing the phone number, make sure the new phone number is verified and has the ability to receives SMS and calls. Also, enable to have a proper data connection while doing the process. Cross check what is used with the app while changing the number in Menu–More–settings–profile.
Steps to be followed:
1. Insert the new SIM card into the phone and Open WhatsApp.
2. Click on Menu–Settings and then Click on Change number option displayed below.

3. Now Enter old phone number and new phone number and click on the accept button at the bottom.
4. The screen will prompt a verification with an OTP. Enter the OTP and click enter.
That’s all,
All the information like conversation and media remains the same until the mobile phone is changed or wantedly if the mobile phone is restored. WhatsApp Change Number feature deletes the older contact number by itself. So there is no any separate process for deleting the old account. All the groups and settings will be migrated. If the user changes both the mobile device and phone number, they can directly register with the new number rather than migrating it from the old number.


WhatsApp Change Number feature can be used many times and it can access any mobile phone which has a strong and active internet connection. Those who use different mobile numbers for different purposes of works can use this process effectively to make their work simple and accurate.