How To Change The Text Style In WhatsApp

WhatsApp has been created as a trend in today’s internet world. With the change in the mindsets of people, the technology has its crown in the society. WhatsApp being a mediator of matter has been changing its version and style very often. Unknowingly people are getting updated and started using the easiest and flexible way of their routine.

WhatsApp recently introduced a change of text that includes different style and gestures that look different. Shortcuts for doing it is simple and can be used by anyone. The new version of WhatsApp adds Bold, Strikethrough, Italic style to the text that is sent to the others.

But this couldn’t be activated by commands like ctrl+b. A few characters need to be added for the text. Even a single word or a line of words can be highlighted. The special characters used for doing it are *, _, ~.

Below are the 3 types of formats that are used while chatting:

1.Bold Fonts

Shortcuts that are used to bold the text is by adding (*) before and after the word or sentence. It should look like * Word or sentence*. The result may seem to be bold when sent to others.

2. Strikethrough

For Striking off any word or sentence add (~) symbol before and after the text. It should look like ~ Word or Sentence~. The result in the word or sentence after sending it to the recipient may seem to be stricken off.

3. Italic Words

For changing the font style to italic any word or sentence, add _word or sentence _. The result in the sent text may look to be in italic style.

4. Consolas Font

For adding Consolas format to the text add (“‘) before and after the text. The resulting text after sending it may seem to in Consolas style.

Instantly, for Android there is the other option -long press on the text, 3 dots option is shown click on it to find all the above mentioned in the list. Select from it accordingly.

For iOS mobile, there is an option called BIU click and select the required formatting style.

However, all the three updates are mentioned were been used till date. But for any other changes, it is suggested to refer a few of the third-party applications. But using these apps may cause any virus to the mobile device. Be aware of faulty applications.


Simplicity and flexibility in WhatsApp application are day-by-day changing and people are adapted to it. They expect efficiency considering the usage. With many of the small and easiest tricks like stickers, gifs, emojis, group calling functions, and many others.

WhatsApp with its peak level of usage, only 70% of the people know about all these new updates and tricks to make fun while chatting with their friends and family. All the updates are mentioned on the main website of WhatsApp in the form of blogs.