How To Watch Netflix on your Phone Abroad

If you frequently travel or will be traveling when the lockdown is over, you have no doubt experienced the problems of accessing your Netflix account on your Android phone and other mobile devices. Although some workarounds like VPNs once offered a solution to this problem, the television streaming giants have recently been finding ways to block VPNs. Not good if you want to kick back for an hour or two watching your favorite shows. So what to do?

Smart DNS for Android to the Rescue

Unlike a VPN which encrypts your data and masks your IP address by creating an encrypted tunnel, a smart DNS simply reroutes your internet connection into the same location of your Netflix account. This enables your account to be unlocked and to stream the content from your home country to your Android device no matter where you are in the world.

Smart DNS has been criticized for not offering a private, secure connection. There is some truth in this as the traffic isn’t encrypted and your IP address is visible. It is also one of the reasons why this method of accessing Netflix and other streaming providers tend to work.

Smart DNS streaming speeds tend to be faster due to their connection methods as well. There are several providers of smart DNS for Android, and you can see many of them described here. It is easy to configure a smart DNS connection, and once you do, you should be able to stream without issues.

They work by using a proxy server often in the same part of the world that your account is set to, say America for example. When you access the content, from Netflix’s point of view, the content is being streamed from that server and as such, the streaming giant releases the content.

They do not require additional software to be installed, just the Android app. The connection is separate from other Android usages, including email and messenger services. You have a degree of anonymity and keep streaming speeds fast.

VPN Issues

VPNs were a great way to access content when abroad. The downside is that Netflix and other providers got wise to this and started to find ways to detect and stop VPNs. This is mostly due to licensing laws of the shows and films it offers, and in some instances political pressure.

VPNs still have their use. They do shield your IP address and this maybe important to you for various reasons. For accessing Netflix and other streaming providers, finding a remote server that will work maybe a struggle.

Furthermore, as the data is routed through remote servers, this often causes speed issues which is the last thing you need when trying to stream.

If you want to stream content and content from other countries to your Android device, try a smart DNS. Plans are affordable, and it is easy to configure. We are talking minutes not hours, and once you’re setup, you’re ready to stream the shows and films you love.

There is really no other option than a smart DNS. Get yours and get streaming.