Is lineage 2 still popular? What changed with the update of Fafurion?

For some reason, people are attracted to Asian MMOs. Maybe it’s because of the past; as a child they knew children who played Gunbound, MapleStory and Ragnarok Online. And so oriental MMOs just remind them of their childhood and a more carefree period in their lives. Even now, as they get out and run, the fighting mobiles relax.

A certain pillar in this genre are the Lineage 2 servers Europe you can find on l2topservers. Every modern Asian MMORPG can be traced way back, right to the Lineage series. And the second game has always been fascinating for people all over the world. Released way back in October of 2003, it was a game that everyone was very interested in, but could never play. Despite some willingness to let children play tough video games, they were very strict when it came to MMORPG. They did not want their child to play endless games. For some it was a home rule.

By the time college was over, that rule had ceased to apply. It would have been a great time to start Lineage 2, but by that time Guild Wars had already gotten into the claws of many players. So some people are only trying this classic game now. And it’s pretty hard to get into this game, but oh my God, they didn’t expect it to be so confusing this time. It’s hard for them to think of the best way to play this game, but obviously all they need to do is work a little bit to get the best experience.

In the short amount of time that these newcomers were playing, they realized that one of the ways to succeed on official servers was to use a multibox. This is a way for players to create their own game. They run several copies of the game on their computer, each of them playing the role of a group. To manage them, the defenders use macros carefully, especially the people who use multiple computers to play as a group of 6 or more. It is also possible to play on a private server.

“I’m not sure that I’m breaking the terms of service I haven’t read” – that’s what most of them think. So they just decided to play it as it is on official but non-classical game servers. Some turned the fighter man over and continued to kill tiny creatures in empty spaces for beginners. In the end, loneliness took over many and they got out of the game. It was just so boring to play alone, and there was no one to talk to.

The main reason for quitting is emptiness. Most players on official servers have been playing for many years and have no reason to be in the newcomer group, it’s a well-established community and the barrier to entry was very high. This is why many players picked private servers. The road to the final almost took a lot of patience and some “almost cheating”. This is a recipe that only the most loyal can overcome.

But one day, everything changed

The update of Fafurion went unnoticed by most MMO players, but it does not change the dynamics at the beginning of the game. The biggest change is that you raise the level from 1 to 85 in about an hour. The new very simple quest chain will give you a higher level character with powerful weapons and stylish armour. This in itself is wild. Going from a one-hour routine that requires effort in multiboxing and macros to a single chain of tasks done in an hour?

The line of quests does not just raise the level. It also develops the selected class to the highest level. You can start with a fighter man, but it will only last 10 minutes. He quickly became a knight, a tank version of this game. In twenty minutes he will turn into a Dark Avenger, a DPS tank. Finally, in another 15 minutes you will be holding the proud robe of a knight of hell. A tank … from hell.

The maximum level is 120, but you want to get into one of the main centres of the game – Aden. Here you see players scattered around the main square, new players trying to figure out the game and players doing their own thing. Your next quest is to level 95. You only have to grind for about 4 hours, and if you like grindy, you’ll have fun.

To increase your success, there is an NPC with a powerful set of buffs that significantly increases your defence, attack speed, damage and movement speed. So far the mobiles you have encountered could have been killed by one player, so you didn’t even need a group. Adding an automatic button, which is essentially an official bot, helps to simplify alignment in both Lineage 2 and Black Desert Online. (Because we are approaching the end of the decade, and if you don’t play at least two MMOs at the same time, you are doing it wrong).

On top of that, the enemies you are fighting are funny and numerous. In the next 10 levels you will destroy armies of terrifying undead monsters, but remember: there are other players who do the same. And that’s great.

It’s a social aspect that makes killing mobs fun. The speed of appearance is high, so players can use a relatively small space to direct their inner killer. Since everyone has essentially the same level of equipment, fighting other players becomes an exciting battle and you suddenly understand why PvP has always been an advantage in this game.

Many people are just getting started with this game and many veterans are coming back to see what the new update has to offer. So, if you have never played this game, now is the time to start.

As such, there is no storyline in the game, but there are many quests that you can take alone or in a company, they are very well made, and sometimes you have to break your head over them.

In the beginning, pumping the character is quite light, and later on it gets heavier. As you raise your level, you improve your skills and buy more top gear (in principle, nothing unusual, many games are arranged on this principle).

The most interesting thing starts after you have already pumped your character.

In general, the game is fun and atmospheric. The sound accompaniment is very well chosen. Here you don’t honour yourself as a lonely gamer stupidly going through a game scenario, here many people come in just to chat (sometimes it lasts all night), people meet in real life, so it doesn’t bother you for a long time.