LaborX is Blockchain-Based freelance platform for on-demand employment

It’s been more than a decade that freelancing has started officially yet the topic is still fresh and hot. There is a huge increase in the number of freelancers every year, so are the freelancing jobs. And you should agree to the fact that freelancing has a great future in the coming years. Yes, freelancing or working remotely cut off many burdens such as fixed work hours, working under a boss, travel etc. It provides opportunities for people to work from anywhere and anytime. But there are few challenges too. Let’s see what are the main challenges that freelancers are facing.

  • Finding an effective and genuine freelance platform where you can find jobs related to your skills.
  • Picking a trusted contract employer that pays you.
  • Increase in the number of spam projects.
  • Unsecured payments or payment delays.

The challenges are almost similar even to the employment companies or employers such as finding a perfect freelancer who is an expert in a particular skill, deadlines, quality of task etc. However, the best times will come in the near future as many freelancing platforms are working hard to provide a better experience both to its customers and freelancers. One such freelance platform is LaborX. 

LaborX is a Blockchain-based freelance platform that helps you to get paid in cryptocurrencies. Cool right? 

Like freelancing and remote working, crypto and blockchain are also going to rock the future. Digital payment usage has already reached to a large extent worldwide, hence it is safe to say that you will see the usage of cryptocurrencies widely in the near future. Moreover, these are the safest and secure currencies as they are not controlled by any government but are used normally like other currencies for online transactions. Not to mention, if you can gain sound knowledge about blockchain technology you can earn decent returns from investment.

So, let’s see what’s so special about LaborX and how does it help you reach the right freelancer or the hirer.

LaborX – A Blockchain-Based Freelance Platform

LaborX is a freelance platform that connects you with the right hirers globally who are able to pay you in cryptocurrencies. A guaranteed and 10-20% higher rates are available on the platform for your work and skill. As discussed above, the challenges freelancers are facing can be eliminated with this platform, as it uses the most advanced technologies to secure and protect your trust and effort as well. Wondering what it is? Have a look at three amazing features of LaborX.

Contract Module

This is the primary feature of LaborX which helps both freelancers and employers in the initial stage. The contract module helps both to set certain conditions during the project duration, deadlines and payment terms. This makes the job more professional without any fuss.

Digital Escrow

LaborX’s digital escrow module locks the funds from the hirer as soon as the contract is signed so that the service providers need not worry about the payment after the project is submitted. This incredible freelance platform releases the fund immediately after the project is done and the hirer is satisfied. Thus the payment for freelancers is guaranteed with the digital escrow module.

Reputation Module

Feedback and reviews are the main factors for freelancers for getting more projects. Because no employer wants to hire a freelancer that has poor reviews on their profile. The reputation module helps employers to leave a transparent and boosting feedback or reviews on profiles of freelancers. So, next time hirers search for efficient freelancers it is easy for them to pick.

Dispute Resolution Service

In case if there is any dispute between freelancers and employers regarding the project or the contract, LaborX allows getting it cleared by any mediators recommended(by you) or the dispute resolution service does it all. Thus, you can have a stress-less freelancing life with LaborX.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right platform is essential for both freelancers and employers to save some time and avoid any payment issues. LaborX serves all the requirements of both parties on its phenomenal blockchain-based freelance platform that provides on-demand employment. Said that cryptocurrencies are the future of digital payments all over the world, LaborX provides awesome support for the freelancers and employers to make the most of it.