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Romanian Passport within a year: Legal EU Counsel`s Support

There are many reasons why people seek Romanian residence permit or even passport. Even if the steps to citizenship are straightforward, it is a challenging task to become European citizen without experts` assistance.

Legal EU Counsel understands people have a goal to obtain Romanian/Slovenian/Bulgarian citizenship as quickly as possible. Knowledge of the challenges involved in obtaining an EU passport is crucial, and lawyers handle all of these issues quickly and easily.

Why Should Immigrants Consider Getting Romanian Citizenship?

People opt for Romania as a country to become a citizen for various reasons.  One common reason revolves around territorial affiliation.

Everything from mountains and beaches to historical architecture makes Romania an underrated gem. Once Romanian citizenship is obtained, the biggest benefit for immigrants is staying in the country without restrictions. Since it is part of the European Union, there are other benefits. 

Traveling without a visa is easy for Romanian citizens, as 170 countries around the globe allowing them to do it without extra documents. In Romania, citizens can work, get education, and access high level medical care. — immigration company: general information

One can obtain Romanian citizenship within a year by repatriation procedure, but immigration companies such as Legal EU Counsel, can facilitate obtaining European passport. The company allows applicants to avoid wasting extra time and effort. has helped people apply for Romanian citizenship for several years. They found success by perfectly knowing EU law. Of course, obtaining European citizenship without assistance of Legal EU Counsel is possible, but it requires specific knowledge.

How helps immigrants

Legal EU Counsel is all about helping people obtain European citizenship in the quickest possible way. The company is there for clients from planning to organizing all the processes. Legal EU Counsel offers the following services:

  • Collecting proper papers;
  • Filling out the application;
  • Extensive research;
  • Uncount number of consultations;
  • Service of translating, and notarising documents.

The most convenient step for any immigrant will be to work with well-knowledgeable lawyers, who have experience in dealing with issues during registration of Romanian passport. 

How do the Lawyers of Legal EU Counsel assist clients during registration of Romanian passport?

Getting Romanian citizenship with Legal EU Counsel starts with the application process. It is better if clients have their papers prepared, but they can also rely on to collect all the documents.

All customers will have a personal expert who acts on behalf of the immigrant. That is the main feature of After the power of attorney is notarized the expert becomes responsible for the application process, managing procedures, and monitoring the person`s case.

Legal EU Counsel’s goal is to work on registering a passport quickly. The procedure takes 6-12 months (depending on the type of procedure) to get a final outcome.

Customer Feedback About Obtaining a Romanian Citizenship with the help of

Feedback on shows that the company receives high marks for the services they provide worldwide. They offer their services in obtaining citizenship in several different countries, and Romania is one of the most popular options. Clients have a great personal experience based on cooperation with the lawyers, and reviews about Legal EU Counsel prove this fact.

Velocity and professionalism are two main hallmarks of They stand out from competitors because of their customer-oriented approach and managing of the whole process. Legal EU Counsel works relentlessly on researching and preparing everything, that is a tremendous help.

Is Legal EU Counsel worth cooperation with?

Most people will benefit from registration with Customer’s reviews  are extremely positive. It may be tempting to do everything without help, however, it often takes longer. There is a higher chance of reaching a successful outcome if you ask for Legal EU Counsel’s help, according to clients` opinion.

To facilitate one’s immigration process, prevent unexpected issues, and eventually succeed in obtaining a Romanian passport, do not hesitate to call for Legal EU Counsel’s help. That will be one of the most convenient ways to register an EU passport for any immigrant.