The Science and Psychology Behind Marketing

Starting a business venture requires a lot of tough choices, hours of brainstorming, and storyboard visions come to life. But it’s all worth it when an idea that began as a simple thought suddenly turns into a store with a bright logo splashed across it.

There are so many variables that go into creating that special niche, and you may not even realize how your own favorite store has been set up to create the optimal shopping experience. Everything from the colors, the logo, to the set up inside the store was designed by a team to market their product to the masses.

But how did they figure out how to entice people? Here are a few ways that marketing teams use more than just business savvy to create a successful brand.

The science behind marketing

The definition of marketing is simple: find out the customer’s wants and needs, and create a successful campaign aimed toward satisfying those needs. Your goal is to advertise your product or services in an appealing way so your audience says, “Wow, I really need that!”.

Often, you can benefit from some basic knowledge of anthropology and psychology. Understanding how consumers are targeted through marketing campaigns and how they shop (whether it’s online or brick and mortar stores) helps a business in a variety of ways.

Studying human behavior pertaining to marketing in a shopping mall, for example, can help you learn what sorts of customers you should be targeting. What are the peak hours someone goes out and shops, and for how long? These are the people you want to spend time and energy on.

Why consumers should pick your brand

A company wants you to become emotionally involved with them. Like in any good relationship, a brand should invoke happiness and trust, and a consumer should get something great out of it.

For example, many baby food companies are placing their pureed food into a clear pouch. This ensures quality and is aesthetically pleasing in the right packaging. As a parent, you can see exactly what is in the food besides what is written on the nutrition label.

Advertising to benefit your brand

There are so many different and creative ways to advertise for your brand. An easy option is clothes. Your team can brainstorm their way into making some great pieces the public will enjoy wearing.

Free uniforms are appreciated by employees. Many of them don’t necessarily have the money to buy and maintain the multiple uniforms they may need. Offering free or low-cost casual wear that employees might enjoy wearing outside work, such as tee shirts, sweatshirts, and hats can help spread the word. Customers may want to wear clothing that has a similar look to your uniforms when you design them just right.

Some popular products you can take with you are custom pens stamped with your company’s catchy logo and maybe even your website. Persuasion in the form of promotional gifts can benefit you and your business more than you expected, especially when your website is stamped on the side of it. People grab a free colorful pen or mug and then they can can search your website for your services. This is free marketing your customers can bring with them and help spread your name.

Look into marketing experts too. Digital marketing companies such as Straight Marketing LLC help spread the word about your website via social media and search engine optimization. You’ll need a quality website too: a place where you can explain who you are, how you began, and your brand can help gave your customers a more personal view of you. A unique social media presence helps you pull away from the competition and let people know why your product is superior.