Toner, Paper, Milk, and Cookies; Finding Work-Life Balance

Has your home turned into a business? It seems household operation necessitates using business attributes for efficiencies today. Some of us bring work home, and that work has certain equipment needs; like a computer, printer, quiet office for calls, a business line, etc.

In an attempt to balance work and life; we can get the two mixed up. Your place of business would not allow you to cook a family meal in your office or change diapers at the front desk. However, taking work home is acceptable.

When we muddle them, they both start to suffer. The pandemic scare has brought about significant workplace changes. More companies have encouraged working from home and people are realizing they can.

The problems associated with a home office aren’t as trivial as sitting on your couch with your laptop. There are good reasons to leave work at work. Let us have a look at those reasons.

  • In your office, you likely have a full suite of needed equipment and supporting service departments to assist with difficulties. At home, you will have no IT department to help you. The company order you had printing in Perth was delivered to your home address, and one of your children spilled a drink on your computer. 
  • At your office, you can discuss issues face-to-face. Not everything can be done remotely. Relationship building is one of them. Both home and work relationships are challenged by working from home. 
  • Distractions is a loose word used to blanket all things not work at work, or not home at home. I will not label my wife a distraction. Work is always the distraction from life, not the other way around. We are losing that mindset.
  • Overworking is real. I did it for years. I saw work as the provider for my family and life. The balance has to be tipped toward family. 
  • Information security and access is an issue. Private business dealings and information have no place outside of the office. Taking work home opens you up to litigation possibilities more now than ever.
  • When was the last time you didn’t need anyone to help you with your work? Collaboration is essential in today’s business operations. It is efficient. 

Time management is the weakest of all excuses to work from home. Studies show time management is the biggest problem caused by working from home. Your commute might be long and you look at that time as wasted. That is different time management. You are more distracted at home. 

Your employer needs all of you at work. They hired all of your skills and attention. Your spouse and family need all of you at home. You owe it to yourself to get into work mode and apply your skills to drive that success. You owe it to your family and future to be with your family when near them. 

A clear separation is needed to become the best you can be in both worlds, like Clark Kent and Superman. Become a lion with a lamb’s heart. The lion goes to work. The lamb comes home.