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Top 10 Best Free Online Storage Websites

For most businesses, maintenance of a wide range of data and information, form a vital aspect of operating and managing the organization in a smooth manner. However, what is even more important is the proper management and storage of this information. While earlier, businesses used to rely on various media like paper, CD’s and external Hard drive to maintain a backup of the sensitive information and data of a business, today online storage is seen as a better and safer option for maintaining timely backups.
Online file storage enables not only businesses but also individuals to store a wide range of information including, pictures, videos, doc files, and worksheets etc to be stored away from the organization. Such file storage systems offer various benefits apart from being cheap and easy to use. Listed below are the top 10 online storage websites that offer their services for free.

1. 4shared

4Shared online storage website enables users to store a wide range of files which can be in form of text, audio, video, images or any other form. The website provides a storage space of 5 GB and even enables its users to easily share them with other people online.

2. Degoo

Degoo is a bestplace for recollecting the memories. 100GB free icloud storage is available in this latest storage provider. Users can also use this website to share pictures, upload music and videos as well as create direct download links for accessing data through e-mail, IM, forums and web pages. It has a premium storage availability of 200GB with a zero knowledge encryptiom enabling highest level security. Using other storage networks you can login and save your data safely.

3. Dropbox

For people needing less than 1 GB online storage space and high levels of security, Dropbox is just the right website. It offers a storage space of 1 GB to its users and besides ensuring complete safety of data enables users to upload/download only 50MB data at a time.

4. Google Drive

The best feature of Google Drive is extremely easy to use drag and drop file management system. Apart from that, it enables users to synchronize their online folders with their systems and also provides a safe file management vault. Users can also easily share their data with friends online.
It can store designs, photos, drawings, videos, recordings, and so on up to 15GB free storage with an account in Google. All its features are modified and can be accessed easily and effectively hassle free.

5. ADrive

ADrive online file storage site boasts of almost all routine and even some unique features. It offers a 14 day free trial period to users and provides up to 50 GB storage space. It uses the cloud storage system to enable users to not only access, share and edit files online but also allow them to make FTP file transfer.

6. iCloud

iCloud has a huge demand in the most famous networking websites and in the internet market. Any of the iPhone users need iCloud storage login for getting access to the data to be secured in a database. Users have access to 5 GB of storage space. However, there are many additional storage plans that can be implemented by businesses and agencies that require huge storage space that can securely store data. It keeps your confidential data very securely with unique login credentials.

7. Onedrive

Onedrive is the online file storage website from Microsoft and being associated with the software giant, naturally gives it an edge over other storage sites. The website provides 25 GB of free storage space and users can access their files from anywhere. It also offers secure password protection feature and also enables users to access other Windows Live services.

8. FileGenie

FileGenie online file storage website offers a free storage space of 20MB. However, users needing more space can opt for a paid account. Apart from enabling users to upload/download files, it allows them to manage data online and access it from anywhere around the world through any PC having a net connection.

9. DriveHQ

DriveHQ storage provider is totally responsible to reinvent business and manage online data collaboratively. It is treated as a one-stop solution for migrating business and save cost. It enables a safe and secured file storage with a strong assurance. This storage provider enables you to share, manage, sync the files in the cloud database with reliability and fantastic ease. It is also an FTP hosting provider that allows creating an account enabling to get best client and server hosting solution.

10. iDrive

iDrive is responsible for protecting Mac PCs, iPads, Android devices with a single registration. It enables users an enterprise-level storage solution protecting data of business SQL, Exchange, NAS, computers, servers, and other smart devices. Initially, it provides 5GB of storage space. Later on, if there is inadequate storage space, there is a chance of upgrading the plan to the paid version. It provides a historical view of data performing point-in-time-recovery and has a capacity of restoring 30 files at once.


All the storage providers are used by people of different requirements and uses. Every internet user, nowadays, requires a huge storage space to save their personal and confidential files. Every data you save must be secured and uninterrupted. Try to install demo or trial version first, later on, go with the available and known updates providers.