Top 10 Best Online Marketplaces to Buy and Sell Websites

The growth of the internet and the need for the business to get new websites or even sell off older ones has led to a consequent growth in the sale and purchase of websites. While the growing need to have an internet presence makes it necessary for many business owners to purchase new websites, a major reason behind the sale of websites is the change in priorities of organizations or not enough profitability. Other than that numerous people build a website for the sole purpose of selling it at a later date.
Irrespective of the reason behind the sale and purchase of websites, the most important thing is to do it in the right manner without getting cheated. Given below are the ten most reputed websites where people can not only buy but also sell their websites in a safe manner and at a reasonable price.

1. SitePoint Marketplace

SitePoint Marketplace is one of the favorite marketplaces of bloggers seeking to buy or sell a website. The clients interested in posting a listing need to purchase credits that are priced according to the type of listing. Sitepoint offers a wide range of options as far as the size and the cost of the website are concerned.

2. Digital Point Forums

At Digital Point, clients can find various categories of listings based on domains, sites, content, and templates etc. Clients need to attain membership at least 14 days prior to posting a listing and in addition, they are also required to post a minimum of 25 messages on the forum.

3. Side Projector

Side Projector is a primary forum available for free and is used by web designers and developers as well as other professionals associated with the creation and promotion of a website, apps, hardware and desktop programs. The site also provides a marketplace for the sale and purchase of websites, domains, and templates etc. It provides an interface to sell and buy any website soliciting the partners in the business.

4. Empire Flippers

Empire Flippers is the best marketplace for selling and buying websites. The company prefers and believes in all sellers by examining the history of website and traffic that pass the verification process within the stability range. Once verified the website is sent to the listing for the getting net profit. Depending upon the buyers the value gets changed. For eliminating the irregular prospects, every buyer pays 5% of the refundable amount before the transaction. This platform is responsible for maintaining better communication between the buyer and seller.

5. WebsiteBroker

For individuals wanting to sell well-established and profitable websites, WebsiteBroker offers the best deals. Clients can either use the standard free listing for website sale or can opt for the paid package that offers premium listings.
Login successfully into the WebsiteBroker website and get to know their advanced features and advantages of buying and selling the websites.

6. Fortune Brokers

If you’re looking for a new investment opportunity in European websites, then Fortunebrokers marketplace has been designed with investors like yourself in mind. It provides an easier way to invest your money into established European websites that already have income or if you want diversify your portfolio and make it more diverse. 

Fortunebrokers is a new marketplace that allows European website owners to sell their websites online with no fees. This site was made for investors and will allow them to diversify into different earning opportunities, such as established EU sites! Fortunebrokers also offers affiliate program, so that you can earn commission referring buyers or sellers.

7. Freemarket

Freemarket is operated and managed and often acts as the aggregator for other similar sites of the marketplace for buying and selling the websites. This makes it a perfect place for buying websites while not making it so good for their sale. It is available for free and millions of users can get commissions on every successful sale without any hidden charge. Before transferring the ownership they provide a security for their payment.

8. Flippa

Flippa enables the user to search the passionate website buyers and sellers. According to the specialty and interest the selling options can be customized. It makes you as a barrier between the buyer and seller.
People can find a good number of website listings up for sale. The portal enables clients to post a sale listing for free. The listings are classified according to the category of the websites as well as their PageRank.

9. BuySell Empire

When it comes to selling websites, BuySellEmpire claims to be the best of them all. The website offers two paid options for posting a sale listing. With a 95% success rate, it connected with the partnering websites that buy and sell 6-digit and 7-digit eCommerce, FBA, SaaS, Content, and Amazon websites.

BuySellEmpire is known to buy and sell quality verified websites. They have a group of investment professionals who are focused on high growth and buyouts with the internet equities.

10. Website Properties Inc

Website Properties Inc portal is more of an online business broker which is more interested in the sale of websites and online businesses. The clients can request for a free consultation before they actually start the process of website sale through them.

WebsiteProperties Inc is a full-service real estate company commercially based in Washington. The company offers development, management, sales, leasing, and other real estate services to many clients. Their website is convenient to access any data or service.

11. Newegg Marketplace

Newegg Marketplace marketplace enables clients to post their tech for free and even provides an upgrade option. The website also provides services to handle the exchange of funds and domain name. There are several high-priced businesses and websites for sale on this extremely professional marketplace. It has simplified global expansion having provided a better customer and logistics service with a customized marketing strategy.


Compare one on another and find the best and cheaper marketplace to buy or sell your website. All the given platforms enable you to have a better relationship between the buyers and sellers having a proper confirmation to consider.