Top 10 Email Marketing Services

When we refer to the concept of email marketing, the benefits have become numerous hence the reason why we make use of this particular campaign in order to attain as many customers as possible. Since it is part of the internet technology, knowing how fast the generation has adopted internet as a world to communicate, share and respond to messages, email marketing has become appropriate and an affordable means of increasing recognition in the market. Through email templates, you can use the database lists of queries to choose the people you’d want to send emails to.

It is one of the easiest processes which aren’t time-consuming since tasks that would normally take around a month can now be finished within a week’s notice. This form of the print mailer is exclusively built around facilitating users to easily communicate with their clients in order to reduce the accumulated stock focusing upon the targeted audience. One of the benefits is that in this process where we make use of emails in order to market the particular brand or services, the overall expenditure turns out to be highly cost effective.

There are no additional fees that the user needs to pay in order to keep up with a marketing campaign. There isn’t a necessity to pay for billing, mailing, parceling, phone charges etc. Even advertising rates aren’t considered since the content of the email in itself is a form of advertising the business.

Due to the fact that email marketing has become so popular today, there are plenty of services or agencies available online now giving adequate and spectacular provisions. The privacy that exists in email marketing is recommendable since it allows users to advertise campaigns that are highly personalized. Plenty of email marketing solution companies deliver personalized information for example sales or the purchase as a part of the history stored for emergency usage.

Below are the top 10 Email Marketing Services that help you in marketing your services.

1. Mail Chimp

Noted to be in the top 10 list, Mail Chimp provides to the user a means of email marketing where you can design newsletters that can be promoted on the web or within your social network. This can be regarded as a personalized platform where you publicize your work online.

It is integrated with the major eCommerce providers so that it becomes easy to use purchased data to send customized campaigns and know the value of the market.

2. Campaign Monitor

Another efficient email marketing agency is Campaign Monitor that basically allows you to fabricate campaigns that will easily publicize your work online. Attract customers through the amazingly designed and stylized campaigns that are user-friendly and can easily obtain stunning reports as a form of immediate replies from your customers. More than 300 integrations happened using Campaign Monitor to leverage emails that improve band loyalty and engagement a bit easier than regular.

Their specialist team is ready to serve you 24/7 and provide 99% satisfaction with the service which is rated as the highest among the other email marketing vendors.

3. Clever Reach

Clever Reach helps you to implement email marketing campaigns that are highly impactful. It can manage nearly 250 recipients and can send 1,000 emails/month for free. With a double-tap option, it is easy to ensure regulatory compliance. Bypassing the spam control with Clever Reach helps you to reach mailboxes and recipients directly.

It can filter and removes incorrect and invalid email addresses automatically within its range. Using Clever Reach, you can easily open your newsletter anywhere on any device. Not only they clear CASL & CAN-SPAM objection but also follow GDPR guidelines.

4. Stream Send

Stream Send is one of the very best email marketing services found on the web, using an array of social tools to interact with customers online and gain instant traffic with the kind of attractive newsletters that can be used for promoting your work.
It provides an Easy-to-Use and intuitive web-based interface minimizing the learning scope and increasing the focus on the important thing.

Hundreds of beautifully and professionally designed templates are optimized to render across the devices. The software provides you with a Drag and Drop option that can add designed templates with videos, surveys, images, and RSS feeds.

5. Mad Mimi

If you’ve landed here, you’ve hit the right spot especially if you’re a small organization or a non-profit establishment where easily integrating social applications will allow you to achieve high profits through the increased network.

It is the comfortable way to create, send, share and eventually track the online newsletters. It is made simple for those marketing businesses who depend more on email marketing strategies. Over 40 million emails are sent, shared, and tracked every day using Mad Mimi.

6. Benchmark Email

With a free 30-day trial that has been provided at Benchmark Email, you can build your network of clients as your emails are regulated and managed through this trustworthy email marketing agency.

The software enables you to simply place forms on the websites, social media, blogs to grow the audience. With this software designer, you can create emails with the intention of the subscriber’s perception. It is easy to track the success with the real-time reports.

7. Constant Contact

By the name itself, you will be able to understand that obtaining instant recognition is what you’ll be receiving once you’ve signed up at Constant Contact. With a hundred contacts being managed, enjoy your work being publicized online.

Using list-building tools, it is easy to grow the contact list and send welcome and subscription type messages automatically. The segmented contact list can allow you to send the exact message to the accurate customer.

8. Get Response

Moving over to other email marketing services, this agency provides stunning newsletters that update the crowd about changes and additions. Feel free to use this adaptable software on your tablets and Android phones.

Get Response helps you to increase conversion rates with the webinar marketing techniques and solutions. It helps you to build, publish, and help in hosting the high-converting, beautiful landing pages. Based on their behavior and data, it is easy to automate the customer’s journey.

9. Active campaign

Active Campaign is a software that enables you to send broadcast messages flexibly to the list of contacts or for the targeted campaign within small segments. It is suitable for the welcome campaigns and for sending instant messages to those who join the list in between.

The software separates and integrates into sending segmented messages to those based on the date and different timings. It is best suitable for the new educational series or customer onboarding. It ensures to create a series of messages to the new contacts.
It helps in creating sophisticated tracking by making together the actions, triggers, and logic to build intricate workflows.

10. Boomerang

With the best reminders fitted to keep you updated about your contacts, this software is now available for your mobiles as well. Access the social marketing tools and feel free to promote your work online.

It has a send later option that enables you to create message whenever needed and schedule a time to deliver the message. Indirectly, it is said that drafting the message is made easy with Boomerang.

Omnisend is another popular marketing automation platform for omnichannel communication. This all-in-one tool can replace the many smaller, separate apps you’re currently using, allowing you to enjoy all you need in a single tool: different lead forms, landing pages, pre-filled marketing automation workflows, advanced visitors segmentation and even SMS marketing.


Its deep integration with ecommerce platforms means you can gather important data about your customers’ shopping behavior and use it for better personalization and segmentation.


Hopefully, the article provides you the overview of each software that can suit your business development and reduce the risk of employing an extra team for the email marketing. It is suggested to test every software with your business and get your work done effectively and easily.