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Top 10 Free Open Source Shopping Carts

Starting an online e-commerce website can certainly be one of the best perspectives for earning money and beginning a business of your own however the process can also be daunting. It takes time to put together the website and the necessary features inclusive of transaction gateways which is very important for online payments. Once you have decided how and what you wish to sell as the products or services on your website, the next step is to select the means by which the customer can commence payment. This is part of being an online merchant where you can sell some of the best community-based web portals, a good example being Yahoo Store or eBay Store.
But if you prefer to operate a website of your own where you customize and build a brand of your own for your establishment one of the necessary components is a shopping cart. The integrated gateway that is formulated for payment is one of the most important assets of building an e-commerce website. Open source shopping carts are equipped with specific functionality that comprises platform themes and support features which are very useful for the customers at hand. The best benefit is when you can obtain open source shopping carts for free that can manage the inventory and display the latest products on the shop. Most of these shopping carts are easy to install on operating systems like Windows or Mac. With a number of extensions present, free open source shopping carts give users the flexibility they require to supervise orders online.
Top 10 Free Open Source Shopping Carts

1. Prestashop

One of the best and top-ranked, Prestashop is a professional e-commerce shopping cart that is robust in its functions. You can download and install this for free where you will be handed a number of tools out of which managing inventory, shipping and customer reviews are the best assets of the software.
Prestashop has professional-looking themes that can impress your client. It allows you to track and manage the products, orders and customer relationships.

2. OpenCart

OpenCart has become incredibly famous today for providing easy access to orders and transactions. Customers are free to write their reviews with respect to the order since the software has a wonderful interface connection. It is based upon PHP script and is free of cost.

Opencart is transparent and available with free downloads and updates with zero charges for a month. The store management is powerful and can easily control the orders, taxes, customers, coupon codes, and products.

3. Magento

Magento is a cloud-commerce platform flexible for any B2C, B2B, and hybrid business solutions. It is an open source ecosystem too. It goes beyond the requirement for eCommerce operations. It takes care of mobile, email, shipping, in-store, and marketplaces.

The platform of supervision, this software provides community support that is professional at managing the orders. Loaded with tons of features, the flexibility of this website offers a number of URL links and has a smooth operation with respect to transactions.

4. AgoraCart

Another popular open source shopping cart is Agoracart that has been fabricated on Perl/MySQL. One of the best features of this software is that you can edit your shopping load since it consists of a CSS manager. With numerous options available for products, you can pick through your payment option easily without hassle. The cart controls the infrastructure of the inventory and is extremely useful.

5. Zen Cart

Zencart shopping cart has recently become very famous for its user-friendly framework. Instead of focusing on developers, the open source cart lays emphasis upon the merchant and shoppers deals. With multiple payment options available, you’ll enjoy using this program.

6. osCommerce

Who hasn’t heard about this shopping cart? osCommerce provides a wide spectrum of features. It has an active community as the backbone and offers options for multiple payments in different currencies. With features of logical operations, taxations and shipping supervision, the choice is considerable if you’re looking for high sales.

7. StoreSprite

Try out Storesprite -a open source shopping cart that is free and easy to install. With automatic tax addition, discount offers and inventory management, this cart ensures that reviews never fail and sales don’t drop. This unique web program lets you get started with your business online.

8. Spree Commerce

Spree Commerce helps in building a mobile-first, custom eCommerce platform. It helps to integrate the third party results to promote multiple channels and increase revenue. The basic functions that come under this website are track, analyze, upsell, cross-sell, Grow.

It is scalable, complete API-driven open source framework in the eCommerce market. On coordination with Ruby on Rails, it is developed to empower developers for many years. It is market proven and matured technology so it may be useful for those experts in this technology.

9. TomatoCart

Tomatocart is a new generation shopping cart that has been based upon the framework of ExtJS that maintains its objective of intensifying sales and making shopping easier. It improves the user experience online and since it is free, it is easily available for everyone.

10. Drupal Commerce

Drupal is named to be the one best-fit option for designing a website of any kind. It is one of the competitors for WordPress. So there is a huge demand over it. Any website can be modified easily using Drupal.

Drupal Commerce is one section of it that allows you to design any eCommerce website rapidly. If you are trying to scale up quickly, this eCommerce website is the best choice. Since the database is high, demanding support is seen through the blogs, forums and social pages. The overall speed and performance are so good in Drupal.


Even though every open-source has its own features, selecting the one best suitable platform is important. It is necessary to have assigned customer support for every help you require while using the above tools. These can indirectly help your company grow enormously and hassle-free. Maintaining a database of all the purchased or free tools is also recommended. Try choosing the tools that have standard features that are responsible for eCommerce technology.