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Top Customer Service Skills Every Call Center Agent Should Have

When you come across any issues relating to the product or service you’re using, who would you contact? Since you cannot contact the company directly, you talk with their customer service executive. Call Center agents are the face of customer service. They are bestowed with most demanding task i.e., appeasing and pleasing customers. On a daily basis, customer service executive has to deal with all types of customers. They must be well equipped with skills and be versatile to handle the complex situations they’re thrown into.

Customer service is crucial for every business. The voice your customers or potential customers talk to have the power to either make or break the first impression of your organisation. It is important to maintain a positive impression. If you want to provide the best user experience then use the services of Inbound Call Center Services such as Extend Communication. These companies will provide your organisation with customised solutions that will help you in growing your business.

The most important factor of any call centre is a customer service agent. If you want your customer service agent to deliver the best service then here are a few skills that your call centre agent should possess.


Imagine there is a customer who contacted your call centre to solve their issue. If you are not patient enough then your customers may not feel happy with your service and it can tarnish your companies image. Remember that you’re the face of your company when they’re calling to get their issues resolved.

First things first, when a displeased or confused customer calls you, give them a chance to speak their situation full, even if you understood in the middle of their conversation.

Never react negatively to them, be it a technical issue or non-technical issue they came with. Let them take their time and explain them patiently and slowly. If required explain them twice, remember that your customers may not possess technical knowledge that is required to solve that particular issue.

Clear communication

Call center agents should maintain clear communication with their customers. They must be both conversational and professional at the same time. Simply put, you must use professional vocabulary but at the same time, you must be approachable. It is easy to misunderstand since you’re not communicating with them face-to-face.

So you must not seem cold and distant. This is not an easy feat but it is definitely not impossible. Keep the conversation relevant and concise. Draw the line, and see that you’re not overdoing anything. Sound humane, it helps them to feel at ease and clearly communicates their queries. Time is valuable for both them and you, so keep it to the point.

Knowledge of products and services

To understand the client’s issue, you must have a clear knowledge about the companies products and services. Don’t you think so? Every agent should receive the training, the company is offering and they must stay updated about the latest events of the organisation. You are the go-to-person for a customer to resolve their issue or query. So it is natural for them to think that you have complete information on all products and services. Not only that the agent should be well trained on the call centre technology that the company is using to deliver amazing customer service. You can only assist your customers well when you have in-depth knowledge about the products and services of the organisation.

Active listening and positive attitude

Did you know? Most people hear but not listen. Wondering what is the difference. Hearing means you are only hearing things but not putting efforts to understand it. However, if you’re listening means you’re actually putting efforts to understand their problem so that you could come up with a solution. Listen with the intent to understand, not just with the intent to reply.

Active or attentive listening shows that you’re showing respect for the customer’s time and opinions. They may readily accept your solution sometimes, while other times they may just ask you ten other questions. Whatever the case is see that you’re listening to their query and then provide them with an appropriate solution.

Customers may sound upset or sometimes yell, in such situations you must maintain your composure and have a positive attitude. If you maintain your positive attitude and talk with your customers politely, it gives them a positive view of your business and makes them loyal customers.


Empathy is undoubtedly the most important skill, a call centre agent should possess. If you think that only frustrated customer needs your empathy and attention, then you’re wrong. Every customer who comes to you with a query needs your attention. Acknowledge all your customer issues, be it delivery issues or promotional offers. Your empathy gives your customers the assurance they need and it also shows them respect and consideration.

Customer Experience

Who doesn’t love great customer service? Everybody loves special treatment. Your customers are no exception. If you provide the solution to their query and go the extra mile to understand their issues. They would definitely feel your efforts and there are high chances of them becoming your loyal customer. You can offer gestures such as waiving delivery charges for billing error, connecting to other departments for better services. Ask them all the right questions and value their time to ensure that they have a pleasant experience.


Call centre agent should clear all the queries and keep customers happy. If you’re not providing them with what they’re looking for, it will affect your brand’s reputation. But if you handle them right, you can improve their brand loyalty. Agent must constantly learn and improve themselves to deliver the best experience to their customers. Call centre agent should be able to adapt to every situation and maintain an attitude.

At the end of the day, handling customer frustrations and queries is not an easy feat. But if done right, your business can gain so much from it. Brush up your knowledge about both the products/services and technologies used in customer service. Remember you’re the face of your organisation while communicating with your customers. So, you have the power to influence the customer opinions on your organisation.