What are Subscription Box Businesses and How Do They Work?

Stores have closed all over the country due to necessity and yet people are still hungry for merchandise, whether they’re essential goods or their own wants. Aside form online shopping, a new way of receiving products has burst into the marker: subscription boxes.

These refer to boxes of products set to be delivered to customers at a regular pace, usually monthly. This type of business is still relatively niche and yet it has gained a lot of popularity in the past years. According to a survey, 25 percent of respondents were part of subscription box lists and a further 32 percent were going to sign up for services in the near future.

How Do They Work?

Subscription boxes are usually found online. Customers curious about their products can sign up on dedicated websites or through an onboarding system for new clients. Through these channels, customers can select which products they want and sometimes even when its delivered.

There are also mystery boxes, which contain products of a certain theme. For example, a cosmetics subscription box may have a cold weather skin care themed mystery box. The exact products inside the box will be unknown to the subscriber, but they’ll know what kind of goods they’ll be receiving.

Setting up a subscription box business isn’t that difficult as long as you have a dedicated market and an endless wellspring for which themes the boxes will revolve around. You’ll also need dedicated courier services and partnerships with other businesses who can fill the box with other goodies. The key to a good subscription box is that the customer must get more than their money’s worth with each shipment.

Types of Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes tend to be very niche, and they have specific target markets. Below are several types of subscription boxes and what goods go into each them.

  • Food Boxes

These are very popular with food lovers and aspiring cooks. Food subscription boxes tend to contain ingredients that are hard to come by in a grocery store. They could be locally sourced foodstuffs or ingredients carefully calibrated to your nutritional needs. Food boxes sometimes come with specific recipes and the ingredients needed to recreate them, but they can also be general products form the store in question.

  • Book Boxes

Independent booksellers and publishing companies are the primary providers of book boxes. These subscription boxes revolve around the theme of a preselected book or, if they’re a mystery box, theme. The book inside is usually a new release and its accompanied by fun knickknacks that share its theme. These can be stickers, bookmarks and sometimes even printed mugs or outerwear.

  • Cosmetics Boxes

Cosmetics companies both large and small now offer subscription boxes. Some of these boxes offer customers new products and serve as a sort of product test. They usually come in sets, either as groups of related products or cosmetics that belong together. For example, a beach-themed subscription box can contain suntan oil, waterproof lipstick and moisturizing sunblock.

  • Fandom Boxes

A fandom refers to a group of people who enjoy a certain activity, although the term has been increasingly linked with people who are avid fans of certain pop culture events. These subscription boxes are often put together by hobby or game stores but occasionally can be created by members of the fandom themselves. They may contain action figures, novelty shirts, comics, keychains and a host of other items that all feature people or concepts related to the fandom.

  • Style Boxes

Fashionable clothing and accessories need no longer come from off the rack. These subscription boxes offer customers their choice of clothing, tailored to their size. A subscription box may contain an entire outfit, including accessories such as jewelry, headwear and belts. Some of these boxes may even contain luxury clothing and as such have correspondingly higher price tags. Men and women can sign up for style subscription boxes, depending on the provider.

New markets emerge every year and consumer demand insist someone supply it. Subscription boxes are just another handy way companies both big and small can ensure everyone can get what they want delivered right to their doorstep.