4 ways to take the work out of networking

Networking is a great way to expand your career opportunities and open new doors, but it can also be quite taxing and time-consuming, especially if you’re already employed. The good news is that, with these simple tips, you can get the benefits of networking without all of the hard work.

Read on to discover four simple ways to make networking less taxing and more rewarding.

Keep your online presence up to date

When professionals are looking for others to collaborate with on their latest project or idea, the internet is the easiest place to find (and screen) potential partners. Your LinkedIn profile can be the difference between receiving a job offer from a potential employer and being ignored, so be sure to keep your profile current. If you’re serious about being discovered by people you might want to work with or for, pertinent keywords could double your reach. Optimising your profile for the right terms will make you easy to find and impossible to ignore.

Use your current network

What better (and easier) way to meet people than through other people you already know? Now that your LinkedIn presence is sparkling, there’s nothing to stop you from making the most of your digital connections. Building your network this way is all about the little things. If you have a connection who knows someone else you would like to have in your network, ask them for an introduction – and if you really want to impress them, present them with a proposal or an idea for collaboration. No matter what happens, your common connection will make for an instant talking point!

Listen to others 

Listening is an underrated skill in just about every sphere because as we all know, people love to talk about themselves. Giving others the chance to do just that might seem like basic courtesy, but it’s also a very smart networking strategy. Focus on listening attentively and asking pertinent questions, and the people who speak to you will remember the conversation for all the right reasons. You may even have an answer to their questions or problems, which is all the better for both of you.

Be a giver

If you want to make yourself unforgettable, there’s only one thing to do: be generous with your gifts. Driven people are everywhere, but driven people who also show genuine interest in helping others succeed? They are rare finds, and you can become one of them simply by tapping into your natural talents, experiences, and sense of goodwill. Whenever you find yourself at a networking event, take the opportunity to offer your best advice and skills to anyone who could use them. Your generous spirit will make you an attractive addition to any team or project, and you won’t be easily forgotten.

With these four points in mind, you’ll be equipped for many memorable networking experiences in the future, develop your confidence, and enjoy the experience.

Excited to start growing your network?

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