How to Export/download WhatsApp Contacts to PC/Computer

WhatsApp, is a communication platform for the exchange of messages between two or many people. Online conversations happen regularly on a large scale via WhatsApp. While in that case managing the contacts at a time will consume a lot of time. Doing so may reduce the mishappening like losing the WhatsApp connections or accidentally wiping the contacts when uninstalling Whatsapp Messenger.. Saving and storing the contacts properly to the computer is one solution.It is anyhow difficult to copy the contacts to the computer. Here in this article, 2 different ways of exporting contacts will be explained:

The first method is-

This method is basically used for only Android users. Since the application is available on Google play store neither on others.

The steps involved in doing are:
1. Visit Google Play Store, install Export Contacts For WhatsApp application.
2. After the installation process, launch the app. Now Tap on Sign In to continue. Enter any of the google account details for sign in.
3. The app automatically scans the contacts and therefore sync them there itself.
4. Once the process is finished, tap on Export Contacts option and save the contacts to a CSV file.

Note: The free version of this app can export up to 100 contacts at a single transaction.
There is a chance of viewing and deciding the contacts before starting the process of exporting .

5. Now, select the respective filename and click on Export.
In just a few seconds of time, CSV file with the directed name and contact will be saved in the WhatsApp Contacts Export folder.

If required, transfer the file to the PC manually by means of USB connection or can email the file separately.

The second method is:

Saving Contacts on Mac or PC locally:
If there is no any Android device and are checking for the iPhone device to download or transfer the Contacts from WhatsApp to PC, this method will work.

1. To start off, add WhatsApp bookmarklet to the Google Chrome. Open a new window enter Once the website is open, click on the added bookmarklet in the toolbar.
However, there is a chance of choosing a CSV list of the WhatsApp contacts prior to the extracting process. It is better to have a print-ready address book for the WhatsApp network. The CSV file is responsible to have high-resolution pictures, profiles, and the contact numbers.

Here, the URL is completely a session-based, thus the entire page can be downloaded to the PC using the bookmarklet. Using the functional keys like Ctrl+S and Cmd+S the entire page can be downloaded and hence can permanently export them and download whatever necessary.
The only drawback of the above 2 methods is that they won’t provide in-depth details of the contacts for any individual chat. Apart from this, their might arise some silly problems with these two methods but they can be ignored somehow.


WhatsApp is one such application that any business should use for promoting their business and therefore increase their sales. Inspite there are many solutions apart from the above-discussed, try implementing them based on the requirement.