Marketing is of vital importance to any business. Basic marketing strategies of yesterday no longer work. Search engine, email, and social platform marketing must be added to your skillset and should be put on a priority level. 

Data-driven marketing is the wave of the future. It starts today and will carry businesses to success. In a recent survey, Invoca found that 64% of marketing executives felt that data-driven strategies were required to stay in the green. As technological savvy professionals enter the workforce this number will continue to grow. 

There are several ways to create a successful data-driven system. A lot depends on how you want to approach it. The top five ways are outlined below:

Customers-The number one thing that should be on any type of business list is customer service. A satisfied customer means a return customer. It can also mean new referral customers that they bring. On the other side of that coin are dissatisfied customers. They will tell others, which will kill your business in every way. That is why it is important to keep customers happy. Personalize every experience for them. Use your location, buying patterns, and financial data to market the correct type of information to the correct type of people.

Data – Data that is collected through various programs must be entered correctly to pull accurate data. You must also be able to read everything that comes at you quickly and efficiently. This is where education and experience come into play. You can greatly benefit from a marketing doctorate. It will help you learn current data trends and allow you to make informed decisions.

Channels-Select the channels that you are planning to use. Make sure that they fit your need, and target consumers that can be turned into customers. Once all the channels are set into place coordinate them be interconnected. Just be sure to know what type of platform that you are posting on. Some require links, some pictures, and others video feeds. It is great to use them all but be sure to use them correctly, otherwise, it can lead to efficiencies in your process.

Analytics- Predictive programs are beneficial for marketers in determining when and where to post ads. These programs use data that has been inputted and use mathematical equations to find statistical data. It follows the current, and past, patterns of your customers and will show estimated numbers for the future.

Offline Data-Any offline data that you may have gathered needs to be uploaded to the online data service. You can either type the information in by hand, which could take a lot of manpower, or you can get a program that will scan and upload everything for you. It is much quicker and more time-efficient this way. Either way, all the data must be entered into the program before it can effectively transform numbers into useable marketing information.

Every year technology makes a larger impact on the world. Smartphones are driving the importance for businesses to be present online. In the building and auto industries, smart homes and cars are becoming more common, increasing each year by consumer demand. Everything points to a future full of technology. Marketing strategies will have to follow suit to be effective. Take advantage of the electronics that consumers rely on and focus your efforts on understanding consumer behavior on these devices to create higher chances of turning new customers into repeat customers. Data-driven marketing is the future for all companies.