Getting Familiar With The Top 10 Crowdsourcing Websites For Business

Crowdsourcing is the name given to the concept where a group or crowd of people performs the tasks that are traditionally carried out by individuals or specific teams within an organization. The term was first used in 2006 and has since then enabled entrepreneurs and businesses to harness the skills and abilities of numerous people sharing similar interests to obtain high quality and cost-effective solutions to diverse problems.
With numerous businesses have benefited from the concept of Crowdsourcing diverse tasks ranging from logo creation to planning marketing strategies, it has today become a popular method for strategic business growth. Listed below are the ten most popular Crowdsourcing websites that can enhance business growth in a significant manner.

1. MOJO Marketplace

MOJO Marketplace is a crowdsourcing website used for creating and designing logos. For any preferred websites, this remains as the best choice. Whether it may be business tools, logos, plugins, and WordPress themes, everything can simply be served with hundreds of options. There are many professional services that connect you directly to the designers. This Crowdsourcing website offers and enables them to create something new and innovative, without the need to pay great sums for the same.

2. 99designs

Designing the logo for an organization often turns out to be the most mindboggling tasks of all. However, with 99designs users can easily get diverse logo designing Crowdsourcing package within the price range of $299 to $699. The website also offers 100%moneyback guarantees and customer feedback in addition to providing options for Crowdsourcing brochure designs, logo designs, and other similar things.

3. Quirky

Quirky website is renowned for Crowdsourcing innovative ideas and inventions. However, it has a great drawback in that having selected an innovative idea, the website claims all rights over it and treats it as its own. Even so, it is a good place to get reviews and reaction for an innovative idea or concept.

4. Crowdspring

Crowdspring offers logo Crowdsourcing like 99designs and given the high-quality output provided by both the websites, it is actually difficult to decide which one is better. However, Crowdspring also offers Crowdsourcing packages for product packaging and business naming.

5. Chaordix

Chaordix website offers Crowdsourcing solutions for market research at an advanced level and provides complete guidance about the various aspects of the process. So if you need help for market research staring right from project planning to data analysis and strategy recommendations, this is the website to refer to. However, for users seeking a solution for disturbing ideas requiring high investments, the website requires them to present a research report for the same.

6. Envato

Evanto Market has literally every component that satisfies the need to fulfill the dream project. It carries different platforms that contain different and unique digital content like Themeforest for designing a website, Audiojungle for sound and music, Graphicriver for enhanced graphic designing, and so on.

It has been developed to make the market simple in buying the products/services. Evanto database is confined to projects and designers who deliver their quality service. It is best in providing perfect crowdsourcing solutions. Users need to submit their ideas on the website after which it provides feedback for the same to improve it. Finally, the crowds select the best ideas which can be marketed quite well, from among those submitted within a week.

7. Figure Eight

Figure Eight offers the unique crowdsourcing solution for data collection and analysis. This website is ideals for use in scenarios where users need to collect huge amounts of data within a limited time and then analyze it. A perfect example can be monitoring social media trends.

8. Canva

Canva is a design startup that started their crowdsourcing platform for designing layouts and even social media layouts. It gives many free options that can be utilized for designing premium layouts. The templates they provide can be implemented as per the monthly subscriptions and that is usually normal and affordable with the market price.

The website enables users to attain managed labor force having good quality, fast speed and at the same time being cost effective. The website works by breaking down the users’ projects into numerous small tasks and delivering high-quality outputs.

9. Tongal

Tongal is a website that provides crowdsourcing solutions for creating high quality, professional videos. The website works for all types of videos irrespective of whether they are to be uploaded on YouTube or to be viewed on the big screen. Its clients include big organizations such as McDonald’s Lego, and Pringles to name a few.

10. TaskRabbit

There are some tasks in every organization that no one wants to do, irrespective of the fact that most often they are quite simple. These can include anything from finding someone in the city to making a bank deposit or even handing out flyers. For all these and other numerous tasks that most people consider to be below their level, TaskRabbit provides the most affordable and timely crowdsourcing services.


All the above mentioned will definitely serve better in its services. These are named for its unique features, even beginners can be benefited. Try using their free or demo versions to design sample layouts and decide with the extensions having a little experience about their quality services.