How to use WhatsApp for Business

WhatsApp is known by default as the most popular communication transferring application globally. It gained around 1.5 billion users monthly. Among these users, 60 billion messages were exchanged each day.
Considering the average usage of WhatsApp, many businesses took this as a great solution for promoting their business around the world. Sharing the messages that relate any product or service via WhatsApp or any other sharing platform can definitely bring huge traffic to their website.
Promoting the business through WhatsApp is made possible only on Android currently. The business App is similar to the regular one but has a varied change in its features that relate to business communication.

Here is the process of using WhatsApp for business:

However, most of the small businesses are enhanced to use regular WhatsApp for offering customer support and promoting their business. While this process may not be useful, so creating a business profile separately can honor many advantages and thereby increase credibility to the conversations with the customers. For creating a business profile, download WhatsApp Business App from Google Play Store in the Android device. Sign up with a mobile number( this must be used for the business verification further).
Enter all the business information in the form mentioned in Settings– Business Settings–Profile.
Note: Enter all the details as per the business norms and rules. The information includes name, contact details and address generally.

Setting up initially for Business:

Once the registration is over, it redirects to the app. The business App genuinely offers very smart tools that help in making things simpler and save a lot of valuable time.
Using the Business app, greeting messages and invite messages can be drafted before. Similarly, Quick replies are also set.

Set up for WhatsApp Business:

In the WhatsApp Business App, go to setting and find the 3 options Away messages, Greeting messages, and Quick replies. Set any of them according to the requirements and go forward.
Automated Away message can also be used to reply to customers within the scheduled time or outside the regular business hours. A simple greeting message can be automated when new user messages for the first time. Indeed if the account is inactive, Away messages can be automated.

For quick replies, pick any shortcuts and select relevant keywords that can communicate instantly. These may be used more frequently in case of frequently used questions or business words exchange.

Effective use of WhatsApp for Business:

Once all the general settings are done in the WhatsApp move to the section of effective implementation of the app. There are many ways for doing it. This can be utilized for offering support to the customers or for sending timely updates or maybe something that relates to the business process.

Labeling Conversations:

For keeping track of customers, manually add them to the contact list and divide and assign labels to the conversations. It might look simple but for using it effectively with more number of users this works better.
Labeling can be done for the customer first, later label their chat. For general identification, this process would be helpful. For adding a new label- Click on Menu, open any conversation and click New Label in the options. Create some name for it and save it.
Adding Label to a chat- Click on Menu–chat conversation–pick a label and save it.

WhatsApp Web for Business on the desktop:

Similar to the regular WhatsApp account, WhatsApp business mobile app is responsive with desktop version too. This helps in communicating with more customers.
For doing that-
Click on Settings–WhatsApp and scan QR code with the desktop WhatsApp Web. Then continue with the same process of business promotions accurately.

Advantages of WhatsApp Business App:

1. Flexible to send photos, videos to the customers and solve issues and problems clearly with a simple conversation. It can offer one-on-one support that remains as the primary option to run any business. It can make the business stand on top for any customer query.

2. It can help in sending updates related to the business. It may include new service or product launch news and any updates regarding the offers they specially provide. It is always better to make the customer happy with updates and offers.
3. Helps in creating broadcast lists from the contacts and send messages to the people in bulk. This saves time in sending messages individually. Generally, a broadcast list may contain 256 contacts.


For implementing WhatsApp Business into the regular business of marketing may sometimes help the business reduce risk. Informing the business duties in bulk and letting people share the same with other can bring traffic and brings revenue to the business.