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HSE Software: The Importance of HSE Compliance

A Health and Safety program is an essential part to every workplace and can help protect everyone (not just workers) in the office and on the field. Having a Health and Safety program in place definitely makes for an intense learning curve for everyone in the company. In order to make it easier for business owners and managers to navigate and execute this job easily and consistently, an HSE Software is necessary.

Using an HSE Software guarantees that no matter who is performing the tasks, they can get safer, consistent results with fewer mistakes. Why? Because the software program makes sure they follow the same steps each and every time.  Having a Health and Safety software program in place helps reduce the risk for the people working in your company and makes sure you comply with the law.

Why Is HSE Important?

The main benefit of HSE workplace programs and HSE software is pretty obvious: they prevent accidents/unfortunate incidents such as illnesses, injuries and harmful environmental releases.

Because workplace hazards are real and can happen any time, it makes sense for business owners and managers to include HSE programs in their work culture. HSE programs provide real benefits not only with regards to workplace safety.

When employers include HSE software and programs in their work culture, it only shows they care about their employees’ well-being. If your company has an active HSE culture, then there’s going to be fewer accidents and unfortunate incidents. Your employees will feel safer and they will appreciate you looking out for them. This will boost employee morale and productivity as a result. Furthermore, employee retention will increase and other people will prefer to work in your company if they hear about your health and safety programs in place.

A recent study by the American Psychological Association revealed that millennials consider safety as one of the major causes of workplace stress. In fact stress from workplace safety ranks higher than any other workplace issue ever. This is hardly surprising coming from a generation that has witnessed the 9/11 tragedy, the Great Recession, mass shootings, and Hurricane Katrina. The more Millennials enter the workforce, the more workplace safety becomes increasingly important.

Another great reason to consider implementing an HSE software program in your company is because it can provide a dramatic and positive effect on your bottom-line. A study reveals that there is a direct correlation between a company’s stock performance with its health and safety programs. When employees feel safe at work, they work better and thus drive production and sales up.

HSE software and programs are also known to increase customer loyalty. As more and more people nowadays become more aware of the products they consume and services they avail, they are more likely to research about a company or a service before they spend their money on it. If they know your company prioritizes the health and safety of employees, then they are more likely to support your products and services more.

When word gets around on businesses that take care of their employees, the general public gets a positive feeling about that company’s ethical standards and company morals.

What is an HSE Software?

HSE compliance remains necessary in order to run a safe and effective business EHS managers everywhere are faced with the huge task of managing regulatory compliance across different departments, facilities, and functions. Fortunately, an HSE software can help make the job easier for HSE managers.

There are a number of software applications that a company can use for its HSE management program. These can include the following:

  • Manages the Health and Safety Management program
  • Manage incident investigations
  • Manage spill responses
  • Manage Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
  • Manage entry permits to confined spaces
  • Manage Emissions Tracking
  • Manage HSE training
  • And more

A large number of HSE software applications now have compatible mobile apps which make it easier for employees and managers alike to use in the field or whenever it’s convenient for them—even at home.

What Happens If you Don’t Have a HSE software and program In place?

Business owners face a number of consequences when they fail to comply with any or all HSE regulations. Some of them are as follows:

  • Hefty Fines –The actual fine would seem irrelevant once you factor in other fees you’d have to pay: attorney and consultant fees plus employee hours wasted to focus on the non-compliance. Furthermore, environmental regulatory agencies can further run up your tab for non-compliance by adding supplemental environmental projects to your violation notice.
  • Interrupted Production –Without a proper HSE program in place, a regulatory agency can issue a cease and desist order for your company. This would greatly affect production. Do you think your customers can be patient when you can’t provide finished products because of this? This is the reason why you need to include HSE management in your business continuity discussions, extending even towards your suppliers.
  • Damaged Reputation –Accidents in the workplace can damage a company’s reputation more than you can ever imagine. With a HSE management system in place, you can easily maintain your company’s good reputation.
  • Criminal Charges –Noncompliance to HSE regulations can lead to criminal charges both for your company and to individual employees.
  • Higher Employee Turnover –without an HSE program in place, workers don’t feel safe and valued and could result to them leaving your company for somewhere better. Who wants to work for a company who values profit more than their employee’s safety after all? Also, you’ll need to consider spending more time and money on hiring and training new workers to replace those who have left.
  • Higher Insurance Costs –When you figure into a minor vehicular accident and dent your car, you know it will eventually affect your insurance costs. The same can be said with workers compensation, although it is obviously a more serious matter and can cripple your business especially in the case of an injured employee or worker.

Although compliance is absolutely necessary, it is not just the main focus or purpose of an HSE program.  HSE programs are also all about ensuring that your employees feel comfortable and motivated in a happy and healthy workplace environment.