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Participating In a Trade Show? Here’s how you create The Hype…

Are you going to a trade show and looking forward to the positive changes this event is going to bring for you? Trade shows matter a lot when it comes to face to face marketing as you are approaching your target audience and building a name in front of your competitors.

For people to know about your trade show, they need to be aware of it. Think of it this way: How many people like to come to a particular event if they don’t know about it? OR, why are some games so hyped up and discussed among certain people? How do they create that “Hype”? It depends on creativity and certain other factors like how your trade show booth company designs the display and what your team decides to display.

Well, whatever the reason is, certain aspects need to be anticipated before the actual trade show begins. We know the importance of pre-marketing that comes with the trade show. Hence, we have compiled some helpful tips on how to create anticipation among the audience before your trade show starts.

Tips on anticipating the trade show

Here are a few tips to consider as marketing for the audience before they step in the expo at the time of the event.

Create an Event Website

The first thing you want to do is create a website, especially for your case. Linking to a section on your company website is not enough. So since this is going to be the primary landing site for your big event— the point of touch where transition leads to passengers— you’re going to want it to hit. It should be well built, sleek, simple, confident, and deliver a good experience for users. The colors that you use should be understandable but stick to your overall brand’s color scheme.

For example, just look at the website for this Festival of Dangerous Ideas for an instance of a community that was bold enough to show their style and passion for the work. The Annual International Speakers’ Forum of the Ethics Center impregnates the program page with the same inflammatory mentality as its organization. The page is concise and known and beautifully spectacular and above all, fascinating. We help their viewers feel more inclined to participate in a 30-second advertising location.

Start an Email Campaign

If you already have a comprehensive email list, this will facilitate the promotion, mainly when many people from previous events are on your list. Around 16 weeks before the scheduled event, you will want to give the goals an initial email. This is just a preliminary email that includes the event date, place, time to register or connect to your event page, etc. This is the first test.

The important thing with any email campaign is not to flood. Wait for the next email for 10 days. Now it is time to draw them more directly since the crowd was ready. Choose your database, and you access more tailored communications as individuals with your audience. Segmented communications generate a vast 58% of all business revenue, and it will help create anticipation for the next case just as efficiently.

Ensure that the final email is sent two weeks before your case and advise users to enroll before the activity is too late.

Don’t worry; you still have lots of options if you don’t have an active email list. You can look for alliances, purchase a tailored email list and look for cross-promotional potential, for example, with a similar audience.

Hire Influencers to Market for you

The days of popular consumer support have all but gone. The current generation craves authenticity and credibility as a foundation for most of its consumer behavior. Only social media systems today offer the interaction of members a premium.

One of the best ways is to hire an influencer to market it for you. Statistical data reveals that this approach offers an 11x ROI in digital marketing than other types. And 94% of marketers invested in influencer campaigns say that the strategy is successful. So if you’re involved in your next case, you want the word out to your target audience with the support of the very people who speak personally.

Most influencers have spent years trying their followers and building confidence for a broad audience. You will have this degree of earned respect for the most critical influencers in your activity promotion. Therefore, public benefits definitely have to be provided. Whether you have early access to your case, VIP privileges, marketing swags, etc., before the activity, you will need to make sure it spreads the message around the community and lets the excitement occurred.

Use the Power of Social Media

The goal of activity management is to meet the clients. And social media is the best channel for it. Your marketing campaign will nevertheless be effective based on how well you carry out a social strategy and choose the right places. The forum you wish is primarily based on your product and the type of event that you support. And you want to focus heavily on LinkedIn if you are a B2B project.

This is difficult to beat with professional networking sites. Users are older, wealthier, and more educated. A third of U.S. people online and half of all college graduates utilize LinkedIn. But you won’t find any pool of potential applicants (there are now 500 million LinkedIn users) if you want to invite people to your next trade show, meeting or activity


The way you turn anticipation to the excitement, not only does it rely on using the above techniques, but you also use the above strategies to render your next activity expected. Could you build an event page that no one has ever seen before outside the box? Can your marketing advertisement with a compelling product image climb above the competition? Do you stick out for your email marketing? Such considerations are yours, and the more innovative you are, the more opportunities are expected. Oh, and also, don’t forget to ask your trade show booth company to design something spectacular!