Top 10 Document Sharing Websites

The process of document sharing is extremely essential for improving online status as an enterprise that offers its services. The modern world of corporate websites demands an extreme amount of marketing since it ensures that they’re part of the rising competition and stay in touch with their clients. Many students even write research papers on this topic. If you’re one of them and need help, don’t hesitate to ask professional editing service.

Once you make use of a website where you can keep submitting your documents and ultimately form a collection of documents which can be saved allows the webmaster to keep a storage that consists of back up. In case of overwriting, having your content saved on a document sharing website helps to maintain a secondary account that consists of necessary files/content.

Sign up for an account at a document sharing website where you can upload documents and even share them with your network of followers. Not only are you initiating the process of back up but you’re also ensuring that your brand name improves. Having such documents saved and sharing them with users online will let you market your work online amongst the followers. You never know when you might receive clients who’re asking for assistance from your enterprise. Since competition is rising and the algorithm of search engines continues to change, daily updates of your website is a must.

However, changing all the content of your website is a disadvantage. Get a top ranking for your site through smart marketing strategies by sharing and uploading your documents online. When you come across users who’re looking for solutions online and you can provide such solutions through document sharing, then it helps to improve your brand name. Here is a list of the top 10 document sharing websites that’ll assist you in increasing your brand name online and improve visibility.
Here are the top 10 Document Sharing Websites:

1. Scribd

One of the most popular documents sharing sites is Scribd that consists of more than a thousand users. One of the largest, Scribd ensures that you can download documents of any kind may it be text or image documents. Mostly the documents that are loaded online are in PDF format that allows you to efficiently display knowledge and skills.

2. Docstoc

As the name Docstoc itself suggests, storing documents in it securely. This is the domain where you can submit your documents and stock up!. Meant for professional based websites, Docstoc accepts documents only from websites that are based on education, business, real estate, finance, and career. You can even pick the option of Google Adsense and earn money through document sharing.

3. Slideshare

Here’s what you need to know about the most important and useful document sharing website, Slideshare which is one of the best! This is the place where you can post slideshows in the form of presentations, videos, PDF files and Office based documents. Maintain a collection of files online through document sharing where this site is meant for online publication. Improve the name of your brand and be recognized as a professional through this site.

4. Slideboom

If you’re thinking about improving your brand name, this site is highly recommended. Upload your PowerPoint presentations out here where legal business documents are mainly preferred. It helps to create your own application by a feature called presentation sharing using SlideBoom services. It allows you to handle presentations in many groups by different interests.

5. Edocr

Edocr helps you to embed a number of documents in your website. You can build your profile, market, share documents and have complete control over your file transfer and display.
It allows you to share content with the new audience and enhance SEO to generate leads with the optimized content. It also helps any user to earn money by sharing or selling the documents online.

6. Issuu

Issuu, a modern media company that gives freedom and ability to bound content digitally and provides an ability to upload and share publications worldwide in just a few minutes.
Morethan, 20,000 uploads were done instantly and are made active around the readers online who likely use Issuu website and their mobile apps to engage and discover with the interests people usually like- portfolios and news, catalogs, magazines, DIY guides, community programs and many more.
Many authors love to prefer Issuu to publish because they get the required collaboration tools and analytics to sell publications.

7. DocShare

One of the most commonly used sites is DocShare where you can build a profile of your choice displaying work that showcases your assets and efficiency. It is new with a number of fresh features for your convenience.
It has a Document Storage System that allows secure and easy storage and helps to manage and share files with the teams around the users. Professionals can have classified reports that are managed and can open whatever and whenever they required. It helps you to connect to the market.


YUDU is ideal for those websites that have recently been established and offers the options of loading documents as well as the publication of original PDF files. One of the best parts about this site is that it is free of cost.
It helps in critical communication and online publications. Its proven solutions have been used by many professionals because of its web-based and application for publishing documents and for crisis alerts for any organization. It has been providing their solutions since 2007.

9. Calameo

Are you thinking of growing in business then refer to this site that allows you to update your account and gain a number of features for marketing your content online. Share your documents online and gain traffic. Their attractive library helps to display the publications on the user’s own website. For embedding all your publications and have an easy access on your website, it is better to use the sharing features of Calameo. It provides a secure access to each member of the team by the unique permission.

10. Box

Box is a sharing website that makes the work simple with customers, co-worker, and partners. Rather than sending and sharing the documents, Box enables to edit and review documents among others in the real-time from any device and from anywhere.
Box helps to work faster and smarter for managing and simplifying the content to empower any global team.
With their centralized security reporting and controlling, it is easy to protect files and enable rights management, mobile security, and customer-management encryption.


Use any of the document sharing websites and let your readers know about your website or blog. It can indirectly improve the traffic to your website and helps to engage more customers. Start knowing more about these websites and extract more useful information.