Top 10 Free Email Service Providers Online

Haven’t we noticed just how fascinating the hype is about email marketing today? The truth is that once the email was introduced into the World Wide Web, communication with people became easier and has been one of the reasons why businesses run so successfully today. Emails have become one of the most popular methods of sending contacts, data, pictures and other such files without second’s delay!
It allows the marketer bring about changes in his mailbox right from saving important emails to deleting the unwanted trash. Compared with other forms of communication, the email is a concept that has become extremely useful and freely available on an ample number of websites online. In traditional forms of marketing where the response rate would be lesser, with respect to emails, the time and speed at which the clients can reply incredibly fast and easy.
So if you’re planning on opening your own email ID, then you should check out this list of the many free email service providers found online. One of the benefits of having free email providers is that you can obtain plenty of services without having to pay monthly a required sum in order to maintain your account online. Taking time in finding the ideal and free domains where you can build your email is a piece of advice for everyone out there.
Top 10 Free Email Service Providers


Of course, Google comes right on top where Gmail a free email address provider is being used by plenty of individuals all over the world. It is developed by Google, and the users are allowed to access it on the internet through IMAP or POP protocols. The free service plan is being offered with around 7 GB of storage space, 20 MB of attachment size, filers, autoresponders, Google Chat, labels, voice chat etc and can also be accessed using the mobile.




Technically one of the oldest search engines, Yahoo initially stylized the idea of a webmail and before Gmail became popular, this was the most used free email service provider. The service consists of an unlimited storage space, calendar reminders, attachment space of around 25 MB, Yahoo Messenger, birthday reminders, mobile chat and text, slideshows, virus protection services, and plenty other applications.


Originally being under Microsoft, Outlook is named as Hotmail and its free email services consist of 5 GB space. It was bought in the 90s and named as one of the popular email service providers. It consists of Live Messenger, 10 MB of attachment space that has made it incredibly popular in usage. It consists of anti-spam features alongside spell check, auto-replies etc.

AOL Mail

AOL is a web-based email provider available by AOL for free. It may also be communicated as the AIM(AOL instant messenger) and has recently become free and provides services where spam protection, virus detention, unlimited storage space and 16 MB of attachment size have made is an appropriate choice for businessmen and women.

Fast Mail

With free email services being provided, Fast Mail provide only 10 MB space for attachments and storage of 10 GB, though this has made it an unreliable choice for people part of the commercial scene.
Be up to date with the meetings, events, and daily tasks with contacts and calendars that are compatible to work on any device.

It allows you to share whatever you want and keep the event private. This email service provider gives extensive support including SMTP, CardDAV, IMAP, and CalDAV protocols.


Another widely used and popular known email service provider is Lycos which has delivered calendar, address book, online chat interface, security and unlimited storage space for usage. It is treated to be a key of longevity because Lycos is integrated with different brands, online communities over 15 years. Its main and effective agenda is to interact with people and create a fun experience with the web offering the best services.


With the many email service providers that have risen in the past, one of the oldest has been Inbox, where your free email services will consist of 5 GB storage space and typical feature through the security does lack ability to filter true and spam mail. It allows you to move or establish emails within customized rules which help in sorting out the incoming messages.


Keeping in mind your social network, Zen email service provider that is free of cost provides users with the next generation alternatives. You may also try their 30-day trial and give instant access into the ShareFlow combo equipped with calendars, virus protection, and several other options. They are expertise in award-winning and allows you to meet excellent staff who delivers the exact solution to your problem.


If you’re planning on researching then GMX is the ideal email service provider. Cheap, easy to handle and with a drag and drop tool present within its compound, it consists of the collective feature of managing all your accounts online. It has 13 billion customers around the world. With automated security and spam protection, it is lined with 5 GB of storage space and your attachment size can range is around 50 MB.
It is offered with powerful spam filters and anti-virus software. Their calendar makes you stay organized and up-to-date. With the webmail feature, you can stay in touch with the most trendy matters.

Care 2

Another prominent email service provider is Care 2 that provides free email services. It is an environmental conscious crew in which the 5% of the remuneration is given away to various non-profit organizations. The purpose is basically to provide their services online of 10 GB storage space while also maintaining the environment for the better good.


The above all justifies its features individually. For those businesses who are supposed to stay updated with the technology and the software, these could help effectively. All the service providers are free and are available on the web without any problem. Try using them accordinglyFyou to your requirements and needs.