Top 10 Magazines For Graphic Designers

Graphic design is a very sought after profession, to be able to take a concept or idea and elaborate on it visually to create advertising or any design visual presentation. To be a graphic designer you have to be proficient in programs such as Photoshop and InDesign amongst others, to create things such as logos and signs, but you also have to read the right magazines to stay updated about the career you have chosen. So for any present or future graphic designers who want to extend their knowledge in this area, here are the top 10 magazines just for you!

1. Layers

Layers have been launched in 2005 which is one of the best web premium destinations for filmmakers, photographers, designers, and people like artists who like to put their strengths and interest in creating techniques and tools that most uniquely used in the company. KelbyOne has published Layers as an educational community for Lightroom, Photoshop, Photography.

This is published 6 times a year, it brings you information on projects associated with Adobe such as After Effects, Dreamweaver and Flash and that’s just to name a few it covers. From digital video concepts to professional artist portfolio profiles, any creative graphic designer would be proud to have this in their collection.

2. Photoshop Creative

If you crave more knowledge about Adobe’s baby the Photoshop Creative, then look no further than this magazine for you. It shows you the tools and techniques and also the practical guides. If you use Photoshop then you will also appreciate the free CD-ROM that comes with this magazine.

It usually stands for inspiration, creativity and particularly in accuracy. For those enthusiastic Photoshop Prosumers who need step-by-step procedures and in-depth elements in Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Creative will be the right choice. It encompasses DVDs, bookazines, eBooks, mobile apps, and websites. It remains first in delivering trusted tips and advice to the users.

3. Novum

This is known as the world’s best-selling magazine for web designers and creative geniuses, like all your graphic designers out there. It is published in the year 1924 and has become an influential and leading design magazine. It covers Javascript and all manner of web graphics, included with this is a CD and it is available every month. It presents its best in illustration, graphic design, paper, corporate design, packaging, typography, and advertising. Novum focuses more on delivering magazines for professionals with an inspiring collection of advertising and designs. It has a haptic experience in providing cover materials and their treatments.

4. Print

This magazine is about design as well as visual culture; it covers a wide range of things from animation and motion graphics to book design. From every angle it covers social and commercial design, it is written by critics as well as cultural reporters and has won many awards.

PRINT is founded in 1940 and has been an iconic visual and design culture serving the industry resource for inspiration and design dialogue, profiles of intellectual minds, design education, and so on. Through many certification programs, social media networks and the top ranking websites it has competed with the industry and have got the PRINT regional design awards and became a leading authority today.

5. HOW

For any graphic designer who runs their own business, then this is the magazine for you! With tons of vital business information, and up to date tips and tricks in the design field as well as profiles of other professionals.
HOW helps you identify the designers who deal with space and dimension to build extraordinary optical illusions that grab the eye of the visitors. Simply submit your email id and know more about HOW magazine.

6. Communication Arts

To see the outstanding work involved with graphic design as well as illustration and photography, buy this publication Communication Arts will work fine. It has been around since 1959, so it is definitely something special, and it will be around for a long time yet. It is founded by Robert Blanchard and Richard Coyne. The coverage includes advertising, graphic design, illustration, interactive media, and photography.

7. Digital Arts

Known in the UK both online and in print, this magazine for creative professionals focuses on the digital arts. Bringing you reviews and more features, than any other website or magazine out there. It’s been around for five years, and they will still be writing about it in years to come with its quality content.

Digital Arts delivers quality content providing the official readership with the latest reviews and news. It addresses the needs of individuals who explode the digital market with relevant content and features compared to others in the market. It provides intensive in-house laboratory facilities for producing high-end reviews and lab tests.

8. Before & After

This magazine Before & After started out life in 1990, and for anyone who has the strange idea that graphic design is boring then they should read this. It tries to describe the graphic design in simple terms, and it even tries to make it fun for the reader too! It is available for all you design professionals out there in a printed version like the other magazines or in PDF format to read on your computer.

9. IdN magazine

IdN Magazine is founded in Hong Kong, and an availability of translating it to English is also given. You can able to find details and information about book design, product design, publications, motion graphics and so on which are under the creative field. International Designer’s Network is its abbreviation and it strives to become a creative one to amplify each design community. It is highly recommended and is bold in catering the unique information.

10. Eye

Eye is a printed magazine about visual culture and graphic design. It is known as an international review website of graphic design. It has been evolved from the bookshops and online as a good design magazine where you are allowed to buy subscriptions that issue single copies. It also has Eye 95 which can be purchased on Vimeo. It deals with events critics and so on to stay updated.


To be a graphic designer or a creative professional in today’s world you need to have the knowledge to succeed, and each of these magazines provides that for the reader. Each will give you helpful advice as well as features on a concept that you will understand. To help you with your designs, advertising ideas, or just to land that next big contract and that important client who will bolster your company. You are already created to be working in the field which you are, but a little extra help won’t hurt you or your reputation. Creative design can be a fun field to pursue, and that’s why these magazines are published with you the creative professional in mind. So make the decision today to subscribe to a regular issue or receive in PDF format.