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Top 10 Startup Blogs That Help Enterpreneurs

Entrepreneurs keep up the job requirements for knowing something from everything. Communicating and working with different work experiences and excellent people helps in marketing or outsourcing the business functions to the vendors is made easy. On doing this, they can keep up their talent and update their skills in newer technologies of marketing and outsourcing.
Firmly, there are many blogs and websites that create and provide some instance in keeping up with the trends and updated knowledge in the business.
Below discussed are the top 10 ranked startup blogs that created trends in different business niche.

1. Hubspot Blog

Although Hubspot was launched only six years back, its spectacular growth is an indication of its immense popularity among readers. They offer a vast amount of free content focusing especially on Internet marketing and social media resources and follow the traditional work culture of encouraging creativity, passion and learning among the employees. They are designed to look after the success of customers with different strategies for inbound marketing and different digital marketing methods. They keep up with the latest news and updates in the digital niche and produces quality content in their blogs.

2. Brichbox Blog

The followers of brichbox blog not only receive a monthly trial package of various lifestyle and beauty products but also get casual and stylish product recommendations and beauty tips. In addition, the regular guest blog posts and other features help women from all walks of life keep abreast with the latest fashion trends.

3. Kickstarter Blog

For people interested in learning about the various startup trends and events prevalent in their chosen niche, Kickstarter is the blog to follow. It not only features the projects of its members but has also developed a sense of community which is being carried forward in a successful manner.

4. Magento Commerce Blog

The e-commerce platform provided by Magneto along with the technical updates along with the regular technical updates about the platform make this blog quite appealing to readers. As I mentioned earlier, blogs need to appeal to your audience and customer base. The blog provides the most essential information at high speeds without being entertaining or dramatic.

5. QuickSprout

The blog not only has great visuals and it showcases its best and highly creative customers in the most unusual manner but also provides the extremely vital code-free consulting service. The blog is just the right place for users who want to develop a truly remarkable internet marketplace. QuickSprout includes technical, advanced, and innovative blogs that satisfy the needs and requirements of the customers.

6. Simple Blog

The one thing that makes Simple stand apart from other similar blogs is its complete undivided attention to understanding the needs and problems of its readers and providing solutions for the same. Although the blog might seem a bit too serious or even boring, it is surely most informative and effective in obtaining solutions for diverse problems.

7. Girls In Tech Blog

Girls in Tech blog generally focuses on the various aspects of the lives of the most successful and influential women in the IT sector. However, it can prove to be a goldmine of information for people from any gender aspiring to make it big in this industry. Apart from providing a top ten list about this sector, the blog also features news and information related to infographics and other technological events.

8. Kaggle Blog

For most business nerds, Kaggle is just the right kind of the startup blog to follow. It helps to outsource competition by providing data and analytics in addition to providing in-depth information about the various aspects of starting a business. Its write-ups encourage entrepreneurs to step out of their comfort zones for enhanced growth.

9. General Assembly Blog

General Assembly blog is managed by a collection of a network of campuses spread across the globe and educates entrepreneurs with the help of classes, online learning as well as providing them valuable insights of their own blogs. Apart from being extremely user-friendly, the blog can also be extremely beneficial for both big and small businesses.

10. Cornerstone On Demand Blog

Even though this blog was taken over by Cornerstone on Demand, way back in 2011, it is definitely one of the most inspiring blogs with numerous followers. The blogs are designed in a funky and creative style which makes learning more of a fun thing for the users.


Even though each of the above blogs is distinct and diverse in their own way, they share the common feature of being sensitive towards the needs of their readers which is what makes them the best.