Top 10 Video Sharing Scripts

In today’s internet world, websites hold the key to marketing, expressing view, news, games and a lot more. Videos are a better way of expressing, sharing first-hand news, giving demos, presentations and selling goods than plain text. Videos make your website exciting and more people are likely to visit it. Embedding videos into a website need a strong knowledge of programming. However, this can be done by a person with no knowledge of programming in minutes using Video Sharing Scripts. These scripts are easy to use, some are even free and most are user-friendly thus within minutes your website can have the videos that you want.
The top 10 Video Sharing Scripts are:


It is one of the easiest video scripts to use and is absolutely free. It has the unique feature where you can embed not only the video files but also audio files like mp3.
PHPmotion provides you the freedom to come up and improve functionality with the website. With just single click you can share audio, video, and any media files with the website users.


You need to buy this script for usage, but the price is affordable. It gives you the power to create the best websites with its multiple features. It is like one of the high-end products that deliver supreme quality.
ClipShare is powerful and flexible video, photo, hosting and sharing platform that can easily create ideas into profitable video websites Vimeo, Hulu, Dailymotion, Photobucket, Instagram, Miniclip, Flickr, Instagram, and so on.


This script is free to use and falls under open source category. It is one of the most user-friendly scripts with features which can help you make one of the best video sharing sites on the web.
Clip-Bucket is a VOD solution for video sharing. The main features it includes are Adoptive Streaming, HLS. It is implemented on HTML5 Player, Pay Per View, Ads and responsible for creating playlists and playback videos. Presently, it is running on version 4.1 under MYSQL 5 .7

DZOIC ClipHouse

It is a script with high efficiency as it has the best features from all the top video sharing websites. It lets you create a separate video sharing site or lets you incorporate it into your existing website.
Dzoic provides a contemporary and effective website at a very common market price. They have got 24 years of experience in web development, so there is no worrying about the delivery and the output.


Style, design, looks, and appearance are the major strong points of this script. The same feature can be used in multiple ways making the script very flexible. Efficiency, reliability, and affordability go hand in hand with this script.
MediaShare has come up with new and admin control panel highlighting the responsive interface and many other new options. It is allowed to create websites from anywhere and anytime via fully-responsive interface compatible in any device.


VideNox is easy to use, the affordable, multi-featured platform that helps in delivering professional outputs. One of its most unique features is letting you create playlists and channels online. Customization is its core feature. Flash Player customization, Absolute control via unlimited support and admin panel are its unique functionalities.


PlayTube is a different script than the others. Its main focus is on luxury and features like Woo wonder login and cinema mode and putting in titles and descriptions in the video. It is secure and fast and can be updated regularly. The present version of PlayTube is v1.4.5.1. It is named as the best and #1 CMS for high-quality video development and sharing scripts. It also has an ability of auto uploading videos into YouTube and other channels scheduled with certain keywords.

PHP Melody

PHP Melody is easy to understand and a highly user-friendly script. It guides the webmaster with how to create the website on how to add videos and much more. It helps you build a website quickly and easily.

Alstrasoft Video Sharing Enterprise

Alstrasoft is a source code based script. Although it is not free the license is for a lifetime, unlike most scripts which have a time-based license. It also instructs you on usages and gives help on making a website.


AvidiMedia is an excellent audio, video, image, news, and gif sharing script amidst several additional features. Creating videos that are shared with the other service providers require support. However, this software application is supported by many famous video services and offers multiple image upload, animated gifs, content mixed articles, and video- mp3 upload.

It has a private message transfer system, VAST/VPAID support, custom backgrounds and icons for different categories, full-screen gallery view, and external video URL streaming.


There are many websites and applications that present video sharing options. However, choosing the very best one among the available is a bit tricky thing. Take decisions based on scripts, features like monetization channels, multiple-language support, ad management, scalable architecture and specifically the customer support and price. When concentrating more on video sharing, look for websites that offer adaptive streaming