Top 10 Website Speed Testing Tools For Free

While you’re building your website one of the most important details that you need to pay attention to is that the content needs to load successfully and really fast. Even if you have a website which offers quality based content and services, if it takes too long to load then the surfer will either get bored or because of impatience won’t open your site again. Your site must be compatible with browsers and shouldn’t have problems loading on any mobile gadgets. This is possible even if you have a number of features present on the site by using online website speed testing tools. It certainly impacts the reputation of your page and if it loads slowly then you cannot possibly market your site to users online.
It doesn’t matter if the search bots are able to access your site. Once the word gets out that your site takes too long to load, the sales of your site might decrease due to a lesser amount of traffic. This, in turn, will affect the ranking of your site and could cause major losses. So the alternative at hand is by using the website speed testing tool that provides information about the performance of your site. It basically gives you an idea of how fast your website can operate and therefore offers means by which the site can be loaded easily. Such changes you must make to make sure that the site functions efficiently. The page speed is certainly another criterion for catching search engine crawlers online, therefore, don’t take too long to check how fast your site really works.
This tool will help you to understand whatever troubles you might be facing in the fabrication of the site and the content. You might get a stream of visitors at the beginning but if suddenly your site is taking too long to load then all you have to do is make sure to prevent it. Therefore running checks on a regular basis where you check the speed of your site is a necessity and another asset of qualified search engine optimization of your web pages.
Below are the top 10 online website speed testing tools:

1. YSlow

YSlow is allowed to grade your web page according to the 23 rulesets. It helps in providing suggestions to improve page performance and summarizes the components of the web page. There are separate tools that include JSLint and

It is compatible for the web browsers such as-Firefox, Chrome, Node.js Server, Opera, PhantomJS, Safari, Mobile/Bookmarklet, Command Line (HAR), Source Code. YSlow makes work simple and spot areas that are weaker and enable to target them based on site speed. It is a Yahoo based testing tool.

2. WebPageTest

WebPageTest is perfect for users who wish to perform a professional speed test since it provides a detailed analysis of the performance of your site. One of the best parts about the site is that it puts the site under different load scenarios to obtain a balanced report.

It was created by a Google Chrome engineer, Patrick Meenan. Using a real browser like Chrome, IE, etc. you can are able to check website speed test around different locations on the globe. It is an open source and for the users who need advanced results can definitely follow WebPageTest.

3. Pingdom

Pingdom is the best website monitoring service which is known for testing website speed. The results are displayed in a waterfall modeled view. For identifying the improvements in a specified way you can track according to file size or load times or load order. Because of its flexible functionalities, obtained maximum popularity when compared with other speed testers.

Out of 100, it can rank and give scores about the site speed. With given scores, it is easy to modify and make improvements to the website speed. It stores the results historically and let you identify them and track simultaneously.

4. DareBoost

DareBoost is a tool that is used to test the website speed, website analysis, and web-based performance monitoring. For a month it is available for free and allowed to conduct 5 tests and get free reports. But the advanced features are provided for the premium members. But with the free version quite innovative reports are generated similar to the advanced version.

The analysis includes SEO, speed, quality, number of requests, cache policy, accessibility, data amount, browser rendering, and so on related to the website. Within these categories, it tracks 80 functional points. You can analyze and identify WordPress status. The report generated upon the security is unique and genuine compared to other tools. When the website is exposed to a few attacks like clickjacking, the security policy, and SSL certificates were missed and that can be identified using DareBoost.

5. GTmetrix

GTmetrix is one of the premier free website speed testing tool. Single click options are available to analyze the data. You can add the URL and click Analyze option, The overall metrics of the website are tracked and navigated. Their UX design is simple to use and easy to trust. Page speed results are driven according to the context.

The issues can be determined with respect to the topics like JavaScript, CSS, or the server environment. The analyzed result can be downloaded since it is free. GTmetrix additionally has a pro level upgrade that requires permission to monitor and alter the page settings.

6. Google Page Speed Insights

Google Page Speed Insights is a Google-built creative tool. It can be used incredibly to know the site performance rather obtaining suggestion like other tools. Since Google results are genuine in terms of website performance, everything has to be taken care of and eventually make changes to the website.

It is compatible with both desktop and mobile responsive websites. All their results are organized and can be understood easily. It is easy to predict the nature of your website. Only because it is a Google product, named to be popular. Besides that, the page speed evaluations are less demanding whereas that can be monetized using page ranking.

7. Load impact

Load Impact is best out of the scalable website speed testing tools. It is a SaaS performance test solution for the latest Developers. Their free service is limited to 5 reports only. It analyzes the consequences of the traffic to the website. It has graphing phenomena that demonstrate the load time variations when the user visits the website.

It allows developing virtual users on the basis of different locations. It is also popular in providing top-level statistics, for example, requests made, usage, the number of requests/sec. It allows checking the impact over concurrent user database. It is not that imperative in the free version but can obtain advanced results in the premium version.

8. SEO SITE Checkup

It is a known fact that the page speed is the important factor according to Google ranking for the website. This tool is one such great tool that helps you to know the page speed. However, it completely gives holistic results on other SEO factors. The overall website health can be checked and the reasons that impact the performance can also be notified here.

The result generated by the SEO Site Checkup is easily read and can be acted preferably. This tool enables you to fix the problems that you are missing. Their intelligent assistance provides you the best performance based result with many search algorithms.

9. UpTrends

For making your client satisfied with the speed related analysis. UpTrends help you in obtaining the results on web page speed. It also gives the output in a waterfall view. It helps in giving insights about domain group information. It is completely based on the location factor. Client-facing UpTrends helps to monitor multi transactions like search, shopping carts, login, and forms and creates click paths with the transaction recorder tool.

10. Chrome DevTools

Chrome Dev Tools is a part of the Chrome browser. It is popular and accessible and special in local debugging, testing as well. Their result is developed in a waterfall based overview. So it is easy to look into every aspect and work on it. The best feature it has is the ability to block the requests. It helps in determining how the 3rd party service is competing with your site. Also, it disables the cache and provides screenshots for page-rendering.

Lighthouse is another tool that is integrated with the Chrome. It is an open source and is automated to improve the quality of web pages. Audit tab is available to track and record the progress of web apps, websites and certainly their performance. It allows you to know what scripts are render-blocking, and so on. Once the checking process is finished, the website can be shared over the networks.


For increasing page speed of the website, it requires separate tools to measure the changes, that can effect on the visibility and help in page ranking. All the above tools can also help in determining the other best results beside page speed. The top-level stats, such as website size, total requests, load time comes under this category. Take some time in knowing more about all the tools described in the article.