10 Benefits of using chatbots in your business

Let’s thank advanced technology!!!

New tools are hitting the market. Among them, chatbots are used to simplify the communication between humans and computers. Chatbots are also called virtual assistants. 

Small and large enterprises are adopting AI Chatbots to modernize their interaction with the customer. It’s no surprise, artificial intelligence chatbots are playing a prominent role in 2021 as the digital transformation (chatbots) are widely used across all the industries. As per the analysis, more than 89% of businesses have adopted chatbots to improve their customer support.

Chatbots are considered the centre of interaction. Businesses can engage with their customers or clients without manual customer support. They can send text messages, images, videos, links and audio content in real-time according to the user query. There are several benefits of using chatbots in business.

Here are the popular benefits of using chatbots in your organization

  1. Save time

The primary benefit of choosing a chatbot is they save an ample amount of time. “Time is Money”, chatbots can save your time by offering the first-level customer support. Also, filters the user’s request according to their query and directs them to the respective customer service agent. Chatbots improve productivity by giving a quick reply or answers to the user’s request. These tools will reduce users’ waiting time to receive an answer or solution. With chatbots, a business can serve more number of customers at the same time to increase productivity and decrease cost. Thus, chatbots can reduce manual power and time.

  1. Deliver customer support around the clock

Chatbots deliver 24×7 customer service to its users. They provide a quick and accurate response to the users. Also, take good care of them when you need to hang out or take a break for a half-an-hour. This tool would be helpful when you have a small or lean team.

Whether it’s early morning or midnight, chatbots are always available to your customers. Sometimes, they cannot provide an accurate response to the user’s request, but they can save the user information and query. Also, reassure the user that their query will be answered by another customer agent. At the next stage, the chatbot will handover the user to a respective representative. This customer agent will get in touch with the user in a short time. 

  1. Personalized customer experience 

The personalization really matters!!! Personalizing content helps businesses to build a customer base, positive relationship, increase purchases and more. Over 80% of customers place their order from the business that offers a personalized experience. This is absolutely true!!! Chatbots use customer information such as location, profile name, past purchases, browsing history and more. With this information, chatbots provide personalized customer experience.

  1. Save money

Hurray!!! Chatbots can save a few dollars every month. But how? Businesses are replacing customer support agents with chatbots. Investing in a chatbot is the best decision rather than hiring a professional customer support team. Also, you don’t need to worry about paying the salary for the customer agent on their vacation and sick days. Unlike customer service executives, chatbots don’t get injured while working and need medical assistance either.

  1. Avoid human errors

Human mistakes or errors are inevitable. While handling customer support questions or problems, the customer agent can make mistakes or errors. They can collect wrong customer details, share the incorrect price of the product, make grammatical mistakes and more. These human errors can create a problem in the long run.

A chatbot is the most effective tool to avoid human errors and deliver error-free service. As the chatbots are well-programmed with the complete information, there is no space to make mistakes. According to the user’s request, the chatbot provides accurate answers. It is said that chatbots guarantee to provide 100% accuracy.

  1. Increase customer base

As mentioned earlier, chatbots are available around the clock. They help the business to reach more customers which can improve their customer base. Small and large businesses are using chatbots in multiple channels such as websites, Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, mobile app, blog and more. Take the advantage and use the chatbots wherever possible to grow your brand.

  1. Handle multiple requests at the same time

A customer support agent can handle one or two requests at the same time. But, chatbots can process and handle a thousand chat requests simultaneously. When you receive multiple requests, you don’t need to worry about expanding the team. A powerful chatbot is just enough to process multiple requests without dropping the quality.

  1. Showcase new products or services

Have you launched a new product or service? Want to get notified by most of the customers? Start showcasing your new product or service on the chatbot. Yes, you’ve heard it right!!! Use the chatbot for broadcasting the latest information such as new product launch, on-going offers, coupons and other company updates. Chatbot uses customer information and sends a push notification to interested customers. Chatbots can maintain positive and friendly customer contact. 

  1. Boost your brand

Customers always expect friendly conversations, smooth interface and instant response to their questions. Thanks to chatbots!!! The automated chatbots impress customers by meeting their expectations and growing your business. Better open rates are possible with chatbots. As they interact with customers without wasting a second and deliver an accurate response. Chatbots can send text messages or visual content to keep the customers informed and interested. Irrespective of the time, chatbots can interact with the customers around the clock. These are a few factors to boost your business with chatbots.

  1. Add good humour

Chatbots can add good humour!!! This is the extra benefit of using a chatbot. Chatbots will always be in a positive and good mood. These tools always please your customers and never respond to them with attitude, frustration or anger. Since these chatbots are programmed in a way that just sounds like a pleasing person. This way, customers can be satisfied with your service.

Wrapping up

It’s critical to make your business stand out from the crowd and generate better profits and success. As you can notice, there are several benefits of using a chatbot that can make it happen. Chatbots are everywhere!!! These are playing an important role across all the industries. Since, the chatbots can smoothly be integrated into multiple channels such as social media, website, blog, etc. Moving forward, chatbots are the best tool to interact with your customers in real-time, boost productivity, reduce cost, avoid human errors and more.