10 Best Websites Using Zen Cart That Will Encourage You to Use This CMS

Both small companies and big brands use Zen Cart to sell their services and products because this CMS is very simple and convenient.

Today we’ll take a look at the 10 most beautiful and convenient websites using Zen Cart to see what this platform is capable of.

1. BiF electronic

BiF electronic sell electronic devices and components such as generators, adaptors, transistors, sensors, and more.

The site captivates with its simplicity – there is no unnecessary information on the main page, only relay products with images and prices. You can also filter products by category, which makes it easy to find exactly what you need.

Regarding design, the site uses a simple gray-white color scheme and large fonts.

2. Rock and Roll Dress

At Rock and Roll Dress, you can buy swing, rockabilly, lindy hop, and vintage-inspired dresses, as well as skirts and accessories.

Like the previous example from our list, this site is very simple and understandable to users. In the middle of the main page, there are examples of company products with prices and pictures, and on the left, you can find product categories.

You can also find information about shipping, returns, and the company’s contacts.

The site uses a simple black and white color scheme.

3. Rose City Vintage

Rose City Vintage is a Portland-based digital store where you can find vintage clothing, collectibles, and accessories.

Unlike the two previous stores, the main page of this site does not contain a list of products – products can only be found by the list of categories at the top of the page.

Here, on the main page, you can see only some examples of goods with descriptions of certain types of clothing.

The site has a very nice design and color scheme. It uses many soft colors such as beige, pink, and brown.

4. NES Repair Shop

The site of NES Repair Shop is a heaven for fans of old games and such consoles like NES, Gamecube, and Wii. Here you can buy games, consoles, spare parts, and much more.

On the left and top on the main page, you can find the categories of goods, and in the middle, you can see the real products of the company with images.

The site uses red and white colors and black text font, so all information is clear and visible.

5. Jepsons

Jepsons is a UK-based clothing store and tailors for men and women. On the site, you can buy dresses, coats, shoes, skirts, accessories, and more.

At the top of the main page, you can select categories of goods, as well as see discounts and special offers.

Below you can also see categories with large images, and lower you can find new arrivals and examples of products with prices.

The site uses a classic black and white color scheme with the addition of brighter colors such as brown, pink, and blue.

6. Venture Graphic Design

UK-based Venture Graphic Design offer such services as logo design, brochure design, business card design, sign design, and more.

On the main page of the site, you can see a list of company services and their brief descriptions. Also, you can go to separate pages devoted to each type of product.

The site uses a rather unusual color scheme – a lot of bright pink is used along with white and gray colors. Interesting that this combination, although it looks catchy, doesn’t irritate the eyes.

7. Bread & Butter

At Bread & Butter gallery’s website, you can buy original New Zealand art.

The site is minimalistic – in the middle of the main page, you can see only examples of work. In order to see more products, you need to look up the page – there is a list of artists whose works are presented in the gallery.

The color scheme of the site is very simple – it uses a combination of gray, white and olive colors.

8. Techsouq

Techsouq Computers is a digital electronics store located in Dubai. On the company’s website, customers can buy a variety of devices, such as GPS systems, computers, laptops, monitors, and many more.

Even though the site is very simple, it is very good looking and convenient. All goods are logically divided into categories, so you will not get confused about this variety of products. Also, all products are accompanied by pictures and descriptions.

The pages of the site load quickly and even scrolling pages is pleasant. The design of the site is simple and pleasant too – it is based on the mix of white, black, and orange colors.

9. Go International

Go International is a UK-based digital store selling party supplies, fancy dress costumes, birthday party goods, party favors, and many more.

At the top and middle of the page, you can find product categories, as well as a list of new arrivals and bonus programs. Below. there is a description of the company and the nuances of its work, as well as a list of items that will be in stock soon.

Given that the company sells supplies for parties, the site is very bright and colorful. The color scheme combines colors such as red, yellow, blue, and many others.

10. Adamant Barbell

Adamant Barbell is a US-based quality strength training and free weight equipment retailer.

Like on any good digital store’s site, here you can browse products by category, as well as check separate products with images, prices, and descriptions.

The site does not contain any unnecessary information and it is well structured, which makes the site very easy to use.

The color scheme is based on a combination of gray, white, black, and yellow colors.


We checked the 10 most attractive and convenient sites using Zen Cart, so you could see what this CMS is capable of.

If you want to get more sites working with Zen Cart, feel free to use the list from Webspotter.