10 Different Advantages of Using a Cell Phone Spy and Monitoring Software

Spy apps have been around for a long time and many people have been using them. You can use these applications to spy on the activities of other people. Wait!! don’t get creeped out. The word spy automatically makes people associate it with creepiness when it is not done for national security purposes. There is a good reason for it. Spy applications have been in a bad light as some people have used them to spy on strangers. Many people have heard stories of creeps spying on women through their cell phones tracking each and every activity of the other person. But this is only one side of the coin. There is another side that is very beneficial to people in both their professional and personal lives. It can actually improve the way people handle certain situations.

There are many advantages of using spy apps that people don’t know about. People see it as a bad thing because they think it is an invasion of someone’s privacy which is unacceptable. Yes, it is an invasion of someone’s privacy but it also depends on who’s privacy you are invading. How can you say it is a bad thing if your intention is not to use their personal information against them? What if you spy on your kids so that they don’t get influenced by bad things? In this case, you are invading their privacy but it is for their own good. Apart from that, you can use spying apps for professional purposes. A company mobile is not a personal belonging so you can definitely spy on it. Here you cannot complain about privacy as the device is not meant for personal use. You can install spy apps or monitoring software on these devices.

Let’s look at some of the advantages of spy apps.

Knowing the location of your loved ones

This is one of the best advantages of using a spying application. Many spying applications and monitoring software come with a feature called GPS tracking. Using this feature you can easily track the exact location of the person you are spying on. It is very useful to know the location of your children if it’s late at night and they don’t return home. Using this feature you can know where they are to make sure they are at the place they told you they were going to. You will know if your child is present in areas that are dangerous at night so you can go and pick them up.

Keeping an eye on your child’s browsing history

Most of the knowledge these days is gained through the internet. The Internet has all the information that you need on anything you want to know. This is a great thing as you can easily access the information you want within seconds. But there is also stuff that you don’t want your child to come across. This is something you can monitor using spying apps. These spy apps will give you access to your child’s browsing history. If you don’t want to make them feel bad for spying on them you can use some tricks to make sure they are unaware of it. You can learn various spying tips and tricks from sites like Gotellmama.

Protecting your kids from cyberbullying

There is no doubt that social media has made the world a smaller place. It has connected the world in a way that people never imagined. The people who are most active on these social media platforms are teenagers and youth in their 20s. If you know anything about teenagers then you will definitely know how there are bullies who constantly abuse other teenagers. Cyberbullying has been a real problem in recent times. People have committed suicides because of constant bullying on social media platforms. There is no need to emphasize on how mean teenagers can be. Spying apps will alert you if your child receives abusive comments on social media platforms. You can get notified and protect your child before things get out of hand.

Track your stolen phones

This is an advantage that will make a lot of people change the way they view spying applications. If you have a spy app or monitoring software you can easily track your device if it’s lost or stolen. You can just use another device to log in to the software and track the exact location of your device. This will make it easy even for the police to recover your phone from thieves.

Helps ensure your elderly parent’s safety

Not only kids but you can also ensure the safety of your elderly parents. You may be working in a faraway city and your parents might live alone in their homes. How will you be able to ensure their safety from such a long-distance? The answer is spying apps. These applications will help you keep tabs on your parent’s safety. If you feel something is wrong then you can alert emergency medical services or cops. 

Control your child’s smartphone usage

There is no need to tell how addicted children have become to their smartphones. You can see most of the children just glued to their cell phones for hours on end. This will severely impact their personal progress in many ways. You want them to focus on studies, sports, and other activities but cannot convince your children due to their smartphone addiction. Spying apps will allow you to control the smartphone usage of your child. You can set a time limit for using the applications on their smartphone. After the time limit is up the application will be automatically blocked for several hours before they could use it again. This will force them to do other activities so that they don’t get bored.

Blocking applications

This is another advantage of using spying apps. You can block applications entirely from getting installed. There can be quite a few applications that you don’t want your child to use. By using these spying applications you can just block them completely. Once you do these your child cannot install those applications.

Tracking the activities of your employee

As mentioned earlier a company phone is not personal property. Employees should only use it for company-related operations. They even sign contracts that they won’t use it for other purposes. But you definitely cannot trust them just because they signed an agreement. Using spy apps you can monitor each and every activity that is done using that phone. The employee may even have access to confidential information through that phone. You can get alerted if they try to share that information or know if they have accessed the information before it got leaked. This will make it easier to catch the culprit.

Improve the productivity of employees

When employees have access to an office phone. You will only want them to use it for company-related work. While they are in the office they should not be using their smartphones. Instead of using their phones they might use the company’s smartphone to surf the internet or use social media platforms. If you use spy apps you can monitor their activities during working hours. You can hold them accountable for not doing their job in-office hours. By doing this you can increase the productivity of your employees.

Ability to filter web

Another feature that is offered by these spy applications is the web filter feature. This feature is also called the content control feature. If you have this feature you don’t even have to worry about your child’s browsing history. You can just filter the content to make sure they don’t get access to certain content. As a parent, you don’t want your child to access data on things like sexual content, drug abuse, or violence. You can simply filter the web to make them access the information you want them to know.


Spying applications are not as bad as people think they are. You can actually use them for good things. And yes, it is illegal to spy on strangers. You will end up in jail for doing that. But as long as you are spying on your kids or loved ones it is not wrong if you have justifiable reasons. Spying applications and monitoring software provide a great way for businesses to track their employee’s activities during office hours. Spying applications are not really bad as long as your intentions are good. You must make sure that you don’t abuse the power you acquire from these applications or software.