10 easy steps to Clean your Infected Computer  

You’re working on a business project. Suddenly, your computer starts receiving annoying pop-ups and alerts. Besides, your PC is taking too long to open a file, folder, or download an application from the internet.

You keep waiting for hours and hours. It takes several minutes to boot. When it is completed, the unfamiliar application gets displayed on the desktop. By the time you start questioning yourself, “is my PC infected with a virus or malware?”

Unfortunately, YES!!!

What is malware?

Malware is called as malicious software. It is a file, delivered across the network and created by hackers. They create malware to make other people suffer. The primary intent of building malware is to steal sensitive information or damage devices. Few malwares can drop an entire network and cause huge damage to large organizations such as banks or financial companies.

There are various types of malware such as viruses, trojans, adware, bots, worms, ransomware, spyware, and more.

The common warning signs your PC is infected with malware are:

  • Poor performance
  • Annoying and unfamiliar ads get displayed
  • System crashes
  • Unexpected messages
  • Internet traffic increases
  • Pop-up notifications
  • Security tools are displayed
  • Receive error message on web browsers

The list goes on and on…

Want to get rid of malware? Of course, yes!!!

Malwarebytes is a modern Anti-Malware solution used by individuals and businesses. The best part of Malwarebytes is its compatibility with all the antivirus applications. Sounds amazing right!!! Buy Malwarebytes and protect your computer from malware. You can save a good amount of money by checking out Malwarebytes offers. Malwarebytes solution uses the latest technologies such as anomaly detection, behavior matching to protect your computer from unauthorized sources.

Enter safe mode

Before turning off your computer, don’t forget to remove CDs, DVDs and pen drive. While restarting PC, press ‘F8’ key continuously. By pressing ‘F8’ provides advanced booting options.

Select safe mode option in advanced boot options. It disables installing unwanted apps and loads only important things.

Delete your temporary files and folders

Want to make the scanning process flexible? Start deleting the temporary files and folders from your PC.

Every program creates multiple temporary files on the PC in the TEMP folder. These files get deleted automatically once the program gets executed. But sometimes temporary files don’t get deleted; it occupies more space on the hard drive. Delete files from the TEMP folder and get free space.

Step 1: Open “Run” window

Step 2: Enter %TEMP% and press OK.

Step 3: Select all the files (Ctrl + A)

Step 4: Press delete

All the temporary files will get deleted. Now your hard drive consists of extra free space.

Back up your important files

Since your computer is infected by malware, the primary step is to format the PC. It’s vital to perform backup to prevent data loss. Back up all the files and folders in a flash drive. Never backup the program files and folders, because these are mostly infected by malware.

Download a malware scanner

Data is an essential component of any business. No one would dare to keep their confidential information at risk. Malware scanners are highly recommended for computers to keep data secure from unknown threats.

Malware scanners ensure data security. It is installed in a computer with a core purpose of preventing malware, virus, and other cyber threats. It helps to keep your organization data secured.

Run a complete scan

After downloading the malware scanner, it’s time to scan the entire system. By using Malwarebytes, you can perform a complete scan. Besides, Malwarebytes never fails to detect malware and destroy it. Make a note, before using Malwarebytes, it’s important to disable the ‘Windows Defender’.

Disconnect internet

You need to disable the internet connection while scanning. Turning off internet connectivity will prevent malware or virus from entering your computer.

It’s time to disconnect your PC from the internet and let the on-demand scanners tool begins scanning. The software scanner will provide you with a list of viruses or malware infecting your computer.

Restart your computer


You’ve successfully removed the malware from a computer. So, what next? The administrator always suggests restarting your computer after making changes. Restart your PC!!!

After restarting the PC, start using your computer and check whether the virus or malware infection still exists. The truth is, Malwarebytes remove every malware from your computer. But still, for confirmation, you need to use your PC at least for a while.

Reset all password

The ultimate goal of malware is to capture all passwords and forward them to hackers. Therefore, it’s always good to be on the safe side, reset every password such as Gmail, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and more. Protect yourself by resetting every password from malware. After resetting the password of your personal and business accounts, start updating your browser and application. Sometimes, there might be malware that still exists on an older version of applications.

Update your browser, operating system, and other applications

Want the best functioning and flexible processing, then start updating everything on your computer – operating system to applications.

Check for updates!!! If there is an update available for your application, OS or browser, then start updating. Malware takes advantage of out-of-date applications or software. Therefore, malware is not capable of infecting the latest version.


Online technical assistance

Still left with malware-infected on your computer? Yes!!!

Your computer requires repair service. If you don’t want to take your PC out, then you can take assistance online. There are few PC support service providers available online, take their help and start fixing your problems.


Keeping your PC protected from malware ensures integrity. If you think your computer is infected with malware or virus, then it’s time to clean your PC with Malwarebytes software. Follow these things at your home and clean your computer. At the initial stage, enter safe mode, delete every file from the temporary folder and perform a regular backup. Download the malware scanner and start scanning your entire computer. Then, restart your PC and update browser, operating system, and applications.