10 Guerrilla Marketing Ideas to promote your event 

Walking down the street you see many memorable campaigns where brands use to promote their events. They need to build it, otherwise, the audience will turn up to the show. To state the obvious, without guests, even the most picture-perfect event is doomed to falter. If you’re lucky and investing in a popular celebrity is the main attraction for your event. Otherwise, it is a daunting task to draw the audience to your event. 

For more impeccable events you can have tactics like 

Social media


Advertising hoardings

Early bird tickets etc. 

That people mostly talk about.  But marketing is all about searching the world of opportunities and unearthing the possibilities to get in front of the targeted customers. Every minute you have to seize these moments to attract the audience to your events.

The other best method is to print custom coffee sleeves. It is a kind of guerrilla marketing that adds piZZAS to your events like business occasions, birthdays, weddings, drink stand etc. Some brands like design high-quality compostable and recyclable coffee sleeves at affordable pricing. You just need to send artwork for your business or occasion and promote your visual brands by building loyal customers.

Wondering what is Guerrilla marketing?

This is the best advertising strategy that mainly focuses on a cost-effective unconventional marketing approach that yields the highest results. The term is coined by JayConrad Levinson in 1984. It was mainly inspired by guerrilla warfare and a small process used by armed civilians. 

Guerrilla marketing is a type of advertising strategy where a company adopts unconventional or surprise interactions to promote a service or product. It’s a kind of publicity for your brand. It uses many multiple procedures to develop direct contact with customers. The main aim of this is to create an emotional reaction in the clients and make people remember your brand or products in various ways. Guerrilla marketing is really inexpensive when compared to other traditional advertising campaigns. It mainly focuses more on wider reach. For successful campaigns, companies have to utilize their imaginative skills with energy and time rather than spending a penny. It has a far-reaching impact on small business, especially when competing with bigger organizations. 

Types of guerrilla marketing

Now, you have understood what guerrilla marketing is all about, let’s dwell into various forms of this marketing. 

  • Ambient marketing
  • Ambush marketing
  • Stealth marketing
  • Buzz/Viral marketing
  • Grassroots marketing
  • Astroturfing
  • Street marketing

In street marketing, there are six principal types which you can carry out 

Distribution of products and flyers

Product animations

Human animations

Roadshows and more

Guerrilla Marketing creative ideas for event organizers 

By having a precise understanding of your event, brand and attendees, you can create numerous kinds of experience and feel organic and authentic to your event. To help you with this, here are 10 guerrilla marketing ideas. 

Organizing flash mobs

Imagine people appearing in front of you unexpectedly, catching your eyes with performances usually rehearsed elsewhere. You feel thrilled right. They have been a popular activity in recent years among the big brands that tout their services and products. This type of advertising that is creative and quirky draws the attention span of large crowds and command the attention in the locality. This brings a little joy and smile in the faces of people in this digitalized age. This is practical that makes use of available resources to inspire mass participation and make an indelible statement. Many branded flash mods are used to promote entertainment. These are usually dance performances conducted by majority retail and travel organizations. They generally take place inside a mall or a plaza. 


It is an effective advertising strategy for businesses. The advert created in the form of shaped and wors is termed as skywriting. It is the process of using small aircraft which expels smoke during travel in certain pattern and create a message. This write-up is clearly expressed and readable by someone on the ground.

The message is a meaningless greeting or an advertisement aimed for everyone located in the vicinity. It can be a personal message like a wedding or birthday wish. Few brands like Zoho uses this to attract the right audience to their brand. Remember, it is only for the shorter duration, and the targeted audiences need to stay outside to see it. 

Free giveaways

Everyone loves the word “free”. Why everyone, in that matter if you’re offered with free gifts by companies don’t you accept? Yes! You take them right. Most people don’t miss this opportunity of receiving free samples. One of the valuable ways to gain and retain new customers is to give away your products for free. A sure shot way to gain attention is to your business is giving away the prizes. It cannot be the larger one, even free event tickets, backstage passes etc can work. Businesses who are aware of this propensity for freebies is capitalizing on samples and free gifts in this digital marketing era also. This entices potential consumers to experience your service or product at no cost. 

One such attractive items for freebies is customizable cup sleeves. These are hot in the marketing strategies and many businesses are taking an opportunity for this. Few of such freebies include

  • New product
  • Product discount
  • Gift card
  • Coupon code
  • Shopping spree
  • Free service
  • Travel Getaway
  • Movie and dinner etc. 

This fosters relationships with existing customers and a chance to introduce your product to a new audience. 

Pop-up shops

A temporary storefront controlled by an online merchant has become prevalent and continuously growing in recent years. It is also referred to as mini kiosks, pop-up stores, retail or flash retailing. It is a term used for retail spaces that have opened their sales only for weeks or days. 

Most often to catch as timely event or fad. First started in Los Angeles, in the U.S spread across Canada, China, Japan, Mexico, Germany, France, U.K and Australia. According to the statistics, the pop-up shops are estimated to be around $50 billion industry. That is the reason, many young entrepreneurs jumped into this eCommerce bandwagon and earning benefits of design and digital marketing.  

Creative posters and flyers

Eye-catching flyer and poster designs change the fortunes of products and events by allowing people to notice and build excitement. To grab the attention, one has to let their creative juices flow that complements the digital marketing design strategies. For example, Joris Regerl used black and mustard design to appeal to the audience by cleverly using “B”. This makes a striking example to test how flyers work for your event. Advertise your brand, by making flyers or humorous posters. This type of posters and flyers grabs attention compelled to make consumers take notice. 

Sand Sculptures

Sandcastles aka sand sculptures convey an enticing message on the beach where other advertising doesn’t play a role. It is also effective at trade shows, state fairs, malls, conferences, and resorts. It is a 3-D, eco-friendly advertising options. If you’re innovative, the sky’s the limit. This beach marketing can vary from small brand logos to life-size cars, sand cravers can create anything under the sun. 

These carvings can last a life-span and vary depending on the location. Outdoors are ideal for special events and endures only for short campaigns. While indoors can stay for a longer time if properly preserved. 

Temporary Graffiti

Public spaces became a playground for artists and brands to showcase their products in a pleasing way. It has been here from the last few decades. The popular graffiti in the form of hip-hop culture, street art, and D.I.Y movement has a higher rate of participation than ever. It has started in Philadelphia in the late ’60s and is a temporary paint created by a local artist that creates a vibe. You can opt for creating daring optical illusions or use any bold marketing statements to make it interesting and make people talk about it. 

For instance, in 2008, Obama’s presidential campaigns are conducted using street art and created a momentum among young voters. 


Gamification is a marketing strategy that makes the process fun and alluring. To gain better brand image this is the best strategy to implement. It is a process that takes the essence of the games fascinating and irresistible and integrates them in non-gaming experience. While implementing this, you add a few elements to your app or site such as challenges, rewards, and much more. This triggers a sense of achievement and inculcates a competitive nature in people. 

This motivates them to use website/app and enjoy. Ideally, they can also share on social media, whenever they find a clue or win the next level or won a prize. This encourages players to play more. This can unlock specific event privileged on a particular day or earn benefit codes like a free drink to complete a game. 

Social media

Don’t underestimate the power of social networking platforms. They can have a wider reach. It has the most influential platforms in our society and if this is not utilized properly, you’re going to miss a large portion of it. More followers online mean more targeted customers through platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram. You can easily attract followers to your landing pages via sharing popular content and online competitions. Creating a social media audience provides easy access to the audience demographics which have already shown excitement about your brand. 

Kindness acts

According to Oscar Wilde which means, the little act of kindness is worth more than the greatest intention. It’s the small, everyday things that can break or make a day in your business. Offer help to the community for a day and hit the streets. For instance, take 10K run or marathons. They aim to help the community and these are random acts conducted by giant companies. Take another situation, take another, take office staff and help people carry their shopping, offer free compliments and make people smile. You’ll be the reason behind their joys. This makes your day more memorable and creates a sense of connection and trust. You can also prepare flyers but the main reason has to be in helping others.