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10 Packaging Tips when you are launching new product

Every day new products enter the international market. Companies create these products to serve some purpose of the customer. It is not necessary that all of them are useful but the ones that are good need to stay in the market. The products must have great sales to continue their run in the market. Some products are well designed, have great reviews but they are unable to generate good sales. There are other products that generate astounding sales but they are very poorly designed. The customers will only get to know that they are bad after buying the product.

So why does this happen? Why aren’t all the products that are good, able to generate sales? Why don’t they get the same level of appreciation as other products that are similar to them? One of the main reasons for this difference is the packaging of the product. Yes, believe it or not packaging on a product definitely impacts the sales of the product. People may think that they do not purchase a product based on its look and packaging but the reality is far from it.

So here are 10 tips you should keep in mind if you are planning to launch a new product.

1. Know your target customers

Before the launch of any product, one should clearly know who their target consumers are. Knowing your customers helps you strategize the ways in which you can get your product into the market. One has to do rigorous research and collect valuable insights about how the audience is. This research will let you know what to include and what should not be included in the marketing plan of your product. It helps you find out how to place your product, what your target audience wants and what are the kinds of products they are attracted to.

2. Know your competitors

You cannot expect that there will be no other product that could do the same operations like yours. For example, take a look at cell phones. Just because Apple and Samsung are at the top manufacturers it does not stop others from manufacturing new cell phones. No matter what product you create there will always be another product present in the market that is similar to it. Companies with similar products compete for the same market share so it is very crucial to know who your competitors are. Find out their strengths, weaknesses and other things like their pricing. This will help you analyze your strengths and work on your weaknesses.

3. Easy to handle packaging

Often times when consumers purchase a product they find that their product came with some hardcore packaging. While the safety of the product is important one should also keep in mind that the package should be easy to open. When the packaging is difficult to open the customers may just want to rip the package to get to the product. This not only destroys the packaging box but also the chance of promoting your brand as all the details of your company are on it. So whenever you’re designing a package always keep in mind that the design should be easy to handle so that the customer keeps it for a considerable amount of time.

4. Packaging design 

It is estimated that over 50% of the purchases are emotionally driven especially if given the chance to choose between two brands offering similar products. And nearly one-third of these decisions are made based on the packaging of the product. So connecting with the customers at an emotional level is the key to increasing the sales of your product.

How do you connect with your audience on a personal level?  Simple the products that suit the customers. Understand to whom you sell the product whether it serves the old, young or does it serve everybody. After understanding these know where you’re trying to distribute product and what are the tastes of the people in that market and design your packaging based on that. Choose an experienced corrugated packaging company Mitchel-Lincoln so that you don’t lose the quality of packaging.

5. Choose an ideal channel to promote your product

Even after doing everything right your product may not catch the customer’s eye if you promote your product on the wrong channel. One should plan in advance on which channel to promote their product as this the common mistake made by most brands. The companies should be aware of the type of channel and its number of followers before promoting their products on them. The company should also make sure the audience of the channel is interested in similar products so that they understand what your product is about.

6. Create a story for your brand

If you observe any of the top brands in the world all of them have a story to tell their customers. This allows the brands to establish an emotional connection with their customers. This helps the brands to maintain a loyal customer base as the customers feel a sense of association with the brand. Every company has its own set of values, goals, and history. Understand what makes your product and your company unique. Share your vision with your potential customers and how your products can change their life. Ensure these values reflect in your product design and package.

7. Create a persona for your product

Creating a persona for a product is very important to make the product reach the target audience. Every product is not designed for all types of consumers. For example, a gaming console like play station has predominantly male customers so it is given a masculine touch and feel to it. Give your product a persona based on the type of customers it would appeal to. Then the customers would treat the product as an authentic piece.

8.Maintain consistency

The most important thing a company has to take care of is the consistency it maintains before and after the launch of their product. The design, packaging, and services all of these need to be consistent for a product to do well in the market. It is crucial because your company’s future projects rely on the success and reputation of their previous ones. Even future products should reflect the original values of the brand.

9. Ask influencers to review your product

You might have seen on websites like Youtube where tech geeks are reviewing all kinds of products every day. These influencers are a great source of promoting your product as they have an impressive amount of people following them. The first thing that pops up in this video is the packaging of the product. Even the reviewers start the review by describing the packaging of the product. So good product packaging is the first step for getting a great review. However one should also find out if the influencers are legitimate or not before sending your product for review.

10. Provide proper details on the packaging

The manufacturer should always provide proper details of the product on the package. Details like cost, expiry date, customer service number, address of the company are some of the essential information that should be presented on the packaging without any errors. The price of the product plays a huge role in a purchase so make sure it is easily visible especially if the price is low. Do not have heavy packaging for low price products as customers may mistake it to be expensive.


Every year 95% of all new products fail. Each product has only seven seconds on average to impress the consumer. Only a product with great design and packaging will be able to draw the attention of customers. Just observe any top brand, look at how much care they take in creating a packaging design for their product. This is because they know that their packaging design would automatically attract customers. Good packaging makes the customers automatically want to buy your product. The better the look of the product, the more chances of it getting sold quickly.