10 Reasons to test the website before you launch

Congratulations!! Your website designing is complete and it is all set to go live. Really?? Is your website really ready to go live? Are you able to say ‘Yes’ with confidence? Unless you are confident, you can assume that your website is not ready to go online. But how? How do you know your website is ready for launch? Simple, just test your website prior to the launch to check if your website is in the way you have intended it to be.

What happens if you don’t test your website before launching? Let’s say you have launched your website without testing it before, thinking that it is all set. Few hours after the launch, you find out that only half of your website’s homepage is being displayed when opened on mobile devices, or that there is some spelling error in the content on some page of your website or that the response time of your website is slow. What would you do? The issues that arise might be because of some design mistake or some minor thing that you overlooked or those that slipped your hawk-eye. All these mistakes are common as you have gone through a lot of effort in designing your website. But you would have avoided all the double work if you have tested your website prior to the launch. 

Don’t worry, you still have time, since your website isn’t live yet. 

But how do you test your website? 

What actually do you test on the website? 

You would test the usability of your website and correct any errors that might cause a bad customer experience. To answer how you do the testing, well, you can always do it on your own, but it’s time taking and the probability of you overlooking the errors in the content of the website is higher. Since you might be working with it for quite some time. What else can you do? You could hire individuals to use the website for you and complete a few tasks on the website so that you can test the ease-of-use of your website. Or you could hire a software testing company to do the work for you. There are quite a few of them who are experts in website testing and can make your website ready to go live.

You now know how you test your website, and what do you test on your website, but still not clear on why you should test it before launch?

Don’t worry, here are 10 reasons why you should test your website before you launch it.

To maintain a positive User Experience

What is the most important thing for any business? Obviously the satisfaction of the customer. Right? The customers are the most important people in the business. Then isn’t it important to check if your website is providing a good and positive experience for your customers or the potential customers? Testing a website prior to the launch helps you notice the errors on your website that might lead to a negative customer experience.

To get more quality leads and sales prospects

How do you get more leads and sales prospects? What role does website testing play in getting leads and their conversion? Like you already know, “ your website is the face of your business”. So it is the medium through which your leads and prospects analyse the worth and credibility of your business. By testing your website before launching it, you would know if the content of your website is capable of lead generation and conversion. A lot of companies lose potential lead generation opportunities by missing one major step i.e. Website testing. Don’t want to take the risk of losing your leads? Test your website before launching.

To look like a more reliable and trustable business partner

Want to get your partners or potential business partners to trust you? Where do you think they would go if they are interested in partnering with you? Obviously, your website. Testing your website before itself and making sure that it looks appealing and trustworthy to your business partners would help you in the expansion of your business.

To understand the positives and negatives of your website

You have your website. Don’t you want to know what aspects of your website are attracting the customers and where you are losing your customers and leads? Knowing the pluses and minuses of your website could help you focus on and enhance the positive aspects and rectify the negative aspects so that they won’t cause you further losses. You would anyway get to know about these aspects after the launch but by the time you notice that you might have lost a significant amount of customers because of the negatives or might have missed some important lead conversions because you didn’t focus on enhancing the positives. Testing your website before could benefit you in finding both positives and negatives of your website and using them for your benefit.

To check the accessibility and accuracy of the information 

Let’s say your potential customer is on your website, they are trying to look for some information. If the information they are searching for on the website is easy to find then they stay and continue their engagement with the site, if not they would visit some other website where the content is easy to access. Not just the ease of access but the information that is provided on the website should also be accurate. By testing the website before launching you would be able to validate if the information provided is easy to access and if it is accurate.

To check the security and data safety of the website

Being the owner of the website it is important for you to keep your website secure and you should also look after the safety of the user data that might include sensitive information. Through website testing, you would be able to find the breaches in the security system if there are any, and fix them before they create any issue.

To check the responsiveness of your website

Being on a website and waiting for something to load isn’t a great experience for anyone. People are always on the run and they wouldn’t like wasting their time waiting for something, they immediately switch to something which doesn’t require much of their time. 

That being said, do you think your customers or potential customers would still be on your website if the site is slow or taking a lot of time to switch between pages? No, right? To prevent this, you need to test the website for latency and if there is any latency, find what is causing it and resolve the issue prior to the launch.

To get ahead of the competition

Any and all businesses strive to be a step ahead of their competitors. You would want the same too. Wouldn’t you? But how would you make it possible? Since your website is the medium through which most of the customers interact with your business, making it better than your competitors would help you be ahead of them. Through website testing, you will be able to find out the drawbacks of your website and the things that drag you down and work on those aspects to get to the forefront.

To get the confidence that the technical part of your business is smooth and sound

Your website is the technical side of your business and managing the issues within the website is in your hands. Your website could take your business to the next level if it is taken care of properly. Through testing, you would be able to check and make sure that everything on the website is running smoothly and that it is safe and sound. That could give you the confidence that a part of your business is well-managed.

To know that your website would help you attain your business goals

When you know that your website is all good and that it would deliver you the services you have intended to attain from it, that gives you a sense of confidence, doesn’t it? Testing the website will help you gain that confidence. By testing all aspects of the website, you will be able to know if the website is capable of serving its purpose and help you attain your business goals. Once it is all done, you can confidently launch your website. Since you have already checked the website for the errors you would have a smoothly running website.

In Conclusion

There are a lot of website testing companies and tools available for you to test your website. Having a thorough checkup of your website before launching it lets you avoid any future complications you might have to face otherwise. After all, you have spent a lot of time, money and resources on it. Would you let it all go to waste, and lose your customers just because of a minor mistake you might have committed unknowingly? No, right? That’s why testing your website before launching is one of the important steps that you shouldn’t miss. Although you can choose to test it on your own, hiring a professional is always a better option. Do the right thing, test your website before you launch.