10 Tips for Freelance writers

Are you the person who doesn’t want to stick to one location? Otherwise looking for ways to avoid physical interaction. Then Freelancing is the best option for you. If you look into today’s world then there are a plethora of opportunities. However, being a freelancer is one of the most popular choices nowadays. If you’re the person who is showing interest to work from home or becoming a freelance writer then know few tips from where to find the exact freelancing jobs.

Moreover, whatever you decide, if you want to become a freelancer then the freedom and flexibility are many which you can’t find in a regular job. Since you opt for the type of work you want to do and there are no restrictions. You can select the time duration, location. The volume of pressure and work you can take on. Make your choices based on the needs and strengths.On top of everything your content has to be unique for that you need to check plagiarism online.

For the one who is keen to be a writer, then choose from a wide variety of options and become one. 

Types of freelance writing

If you have started to venture out, then there are numerous freelancing writing jobs available these days. Starting from the writing magazine articles, email content to social media posts, it is a fair game for all the freelance writers seeking to work. To help you with it here is the compiled a list of common types of freelancing writing jobs. Besides with the tips on how to be a better freelance writer. 

  • Feature/Article writing
  • Content/Copywriters
  • Blogging 
  • Social media content
  • The technical writer
  • Instructional writers

Why freelancing is good

There are many reasons to become freelance writers. Indeed, below are the few popular reasons why people choose to be a freelance writer and start their own business. 

  • Be your boss without being clocked in and out of the office. You are the master of your ship and no more getting off for being late. 
  • Manage your time effectively without sticking to 10 to 7 routines. For instance, if you feel you’re productive between 2 a.m to 5 p.m then you can choose to work at that time. 
  • Work from anywhere, even from your hotel rooms, coffee shops, apartments and by the side of the pool if Wi-Fi is available. As you’re a business owner, you can dictate your terms. 
  • Choose your projects. For instance, if you’re a content writer and doesn’t want to write on Genetic engineering, then don’t take up that project.  
  • Learn more than you ever thought off. For freelance projects, they are everyday challenges to learn from them and solve your problems. 

Moreover,for the present day freelance writers, there are many opportunities. The internet and the world of Wi-Fi have created a platform for all the writers to share their creativity worldwide. The opportunities are endless but with some tips, you can create your unique style that unlocks your true potentials.

Tips for a freelance writers

Whenever you are starting your freelance writing career you may encounter several questions. Such as 

How to become one of the flourishing freelance writers?

Where to start? 

How to write the content to draw the attention of targeted clients?

What are the tools to be used?

In this article, you can find all the useful tips to solve all your queries.

Have a blog

In the first place, you need to develop a blog. Many businesses before handing over to you their writing job is to visit your blog to see how you’re writing. By that, they know the writing style and what you’re writing about. 

For that reason, you need to blog frequently by choosing your niche and be updated with the current trends. Treat your blog like a client and set appropriate deadlines and schedules. It is important as it serves as a portfolio and link it while making a pitch, it is a win-win situation. 

Helps in improving your writing. Compare them regularly and see the improvements you’ve done. Without a doubt, there will be improvements in your writing. It is like another muscle to your exercise. 

When there is a blog which you write daily, this helps you in landing clients and prospects can easily find about the blog. You will start getting inquiries from them and chances of being hired will be high. 

Make a marketing plan

This is one of the major tips for any freelance writers. Having an effective marketing plan will help you stay in the business for a longer time. Because, if you need to land your first client, you need to go for another and make a sustainable business. And for that start marketing yourself and talk a lot about it with your close vicinity. The best tips for doing so is 

  • Start guest posting and create an author bio to get notified. 
  • Be active on LinkedIn and Twitter
  • Practice comment marketing and do it regularly on the blogs you want to write for
  • Connect with the business owners on social media
  • Have a writer website

Choose a particular niche

You can be creative and knowledgeable in various topics but to work as a freelance writer, you need to select a specific niche. It helps in building connections and expertise in the niche by attracting relevant clients. It also aids in building a portfolio of clients in that niche that aids to be recognised as worthy by your potential clients. For this, at the initial stages focus on the small segments and deliver superior quality value to the customers. 

Unique voice

These tips aren’t for everyone. If you are writing for a particular brand or a company, you need to hold on with one tone of voice. But if you have a blog or newspaper, then create your individual style. In fact, you need to practice it and it is not that easy to get it on the first try. The voice you project has to be helpful to the clients which makes them come back to you again. 

This is what makes you stand out from the rest of the writers. Use personalized writing that connects to your audience and expresses clearly about your content. Look for the motivational aspect around you and implement in your words and sentences. Your freelance career mostly depends on the uniqueness which makes you stand at the top or not. 

Have a format

Having a good format help you write in a better way. There are various formats to select from. You can write it in a 

  • Expository
  • Descriptive
  • Persuasive and 
  • Narrative

Every successful writer has a format and organize their content in these formats. For every type of writing, there should be an

  • Introduction, i.e, the opening paragraph
  • Middle, i.e, the body and the plot 
  • Last it is the concluding paragraph

Whatever format you choose, there needs to be a quality paragraph that attracts the clients. It has to be valuable to the reader. If you are interested to explore all the types then you can take a course and research well on the net and drive to one.


Do your homework thoroughly. To create content that builds trust you need to research. This will not lack any substance and vexes the reader. Moreover, your readers and Google wants high-quality to visit your page or rank it. At present, your internet is at your fingertips. Take advantage of it. The more research you do the better understanding you develop and you can write a more unique article. Similarly, use fresh and trending content to add more value to your writing. 

Be original 

It is important to have original content. The relevancy and originality give life to the content and sparks the interest of the readers. Don’t recreate the wheel but come up with your ideas and develop your style. You can even write the topic from a fresh angle and compare the data with other sources. Repurpose the original content and be more specific. It has scientifically proven that you write what you read. Hence read a lot but have original content of yours. This increases the brand strategy and in turn maximizes your portfolio. 

Besides, if Google finds the copied content, then there will be chances of penalizing you. So while writing the content everyone looks for the original content and not the copied one. 

Have accounts on all the freelance platforms

There is a wide range of important platforms to help you find new clients and orders. Besides, they give support to the potential employers the reliability whenever they hire you. If you are an expert in writing, you can earn higher ratings and be different from the mediocre writers. Also, if you are creating a new account, then the ratings will be zero but if you prove your expertise then you can earn ratings from the new audience. Here is a list of time-tested platforms like 

  • Upwork
  • Speedlancer
  • Freelancer
  • Fiverr
  • Guru

Alongside, it is a known fact that some of the multinational companies like Airbnb, Walmart, Google, Microsoft and Apple wants to hire Freelancers. However, these freelancing platforms offer varying ranges of reach, job types and payment terms. Hence you need to be careful without wasting time and effort. 

Determine your pricing strategy

Many people are still in doubt when it comes to fixing the prices for the content strategy. Different variables are dependent on the length and depth of the content. It also varies from different clientele and the kind of writing assessments you select. Accordingly, charge the prices by confidence. This is an overwhelming process. For example, some clients charge $500 articles for a 2000 word article and for the same other pays $1000. 


The world of freelancing career isn’t a challenging maze to solve. Use the above 10 freelance writing tips which are a successful strategy for a beautiful career ahead. Develop a unique writing style and learn to be original and complement your content that unlocks your potential. With this pitch every day and meet client regularly. Initially start meeting them at least 5 times a day and start sharing your blogs and portfolios with them.