Digital Marketing

3 Link Building Tactics to Keep in Mind

Link building is an essential component of your SEO strategy. There are many types of link building strategies to choose from, and each one has its merits and takeaways. Some link building techniques are so overused that you may be even penalized by Google for employing them.

No matter if you decide to hire a professional or take a stab at it yourself, here are three link building techniques that you should be incorporating into your strategy.

IFTTT Automation

If This Then That, IFTTT, is an automation tool that can help you automate everything. Many people use IFTTT to handle scheduling emails, daily tasks, and even social media posting. But one of the more powerful things it can do for you is to assist with the link building.

To be clear, this service will not build links for you or modify existing relationships. What it will do is identify areas of opportunity for link targets. For example, you can set an alert for whenever you or your business is mentioned online. When this happens, you are then able to reach out to the hosting website and offer or ask for a link to your page.

It can also identify questions or comments on social media, so you can jump in and answer the problem and provide a link back to your site.

Working with Webmasters

Please note that this is not spamming content to hundreds of different sites hoping that someone will pick up your content. Most web hosts hate this practice and do not feature people that provide this. A less intrusive option that is more likely to get better results is to offer help and advice as a way in the door.

For instance, you can run a website through a free service like Dr. Link Check. This will alert you to any broken links on that website. You could then offer to correct this link and use your content in its place.

Audio Content

Audio content is the wave of the future. Think about Google Shopping Ads being tailored to an Alexa device. Creating audio content for iTunes is a great way to get high-authority backlinks for your site. This doesn’t have to be an award-winning podcast.

You can invest in a microphone and use an app like Garage Band to record your audio content. This can be something as easy as reading a blog post that you have written and uploaded to your site. Upload a few sound files, and you will see your SEO increase with the addition of some of these backlinks.


If your site needs some help regarding its inbound and outbound links, you may want to hire the help of an SEO professional. SEO analysts can help guide your site to higher search rankings and traffic, with a reduced bounce rate. Many of these professionals employ local link building services to help with your Google trust rating.