3 Ways Board Portal Technology Improves Communications for Companies

In business, you need to make use of every advantage at your disposal. Technology is often looked to for solutions, but sometimes it can be challenging to separate fancy gimmicks from technologies that actually improve operations.

Board portal technology is one example of new technology that helps companies improve their communications, increase greater overall productivity and maximize efficiency. Here are three reasons why more companies are looking to board portal technology.

  1. Centralized Communications

Board portal software is designed to make communications easier and less time consuming for your organization’s top decision makers. It does this in a few ways.

If every director on your board is currently using different devices to communicate, complications may arise. Board portal technology is cloud-based software that centralizes all communications. Beyond basic chat functions, one leader in board portal technology makes it easy to share and annotate important documents, making digital collaboration easy for people who may be in different geographical regions.

The software can be accessed on smart phones, desktop computers, laptops and tablets. A change made to any file is simultaneously reflected on each device. This means that every director has full accessto all communications on any device that they prefer to use. Nobody has to scroll back through old text chats or old emails.

If a document gets updated, every other board of director will be automatically notified immediately via email. If a document is changed before a meeting, everybody will already know about it before the meeting starts — this reduces the amount of time wasted updating everyone on the new changes.

Communications are also focused and modern: directors can send intuitive drag-and-drop polls to learn colleagues’ opinions on important issues at a glance. Board portal technology lets your top people communicate effectively, in a way which saves them time.

  1. Secure and Private

Naturally, your board of directors is privy to sensitive information that needs to stay confidential. With all the news stories about high-profile organizations being hacked, security is a natural concern.

Board portal software is highly encrypted, and industry leaders like Aprio make sure that their servers adhere to independent, third-party security certification requirements. Logging in is easy, but each individual log in is authenticated, so the software knows every time somebody signs in, and who they are.

If a company-issued device goes missing, all the data can be wiped remotely, preventing a security breach. The person whose device has gone missing can regain full access to vital information by simply logging in from any other device. This ensures there is uninterrupted access, even in the event that something goes wrong.

  1. Ease of Use

Board portal software is designed to be intuitive on any device — you can use the most powerful features right away, and you won’t feel you need to be at a desktop to have a full and comfortable experience. The software features finger-swiping and drag-and-drop technology already in use on most popular mobile devices.

In the event you do need help, look to a company that offers 24/7 support through email, text or phone. Expect the support to be personalized, as the company should be familiar with their clients.

In an era where new technology is developed regularly, savvy companies have chosen board portal software to keep their communications both simple and secure.