4 Companies Crushing The SQL World

The market for SQL services is competitive, with plenty of brands vying for supremacy at the moment. Getting to know the movers and shakers can help you rank your options when the time to adopt a new service arrives, so here is a look at the companies that are taking the world of SQL by storm right now.


As a leading light in SQL monitoring, SentryOne is making a splash by empowering administrators with the tools they need to succeed.

It provides powerful, intuitive tools that make it simple to see how server performance is fairing. The dashboard is crammed with features but still manages to present the data in a comprehensible way, while the software promises to manage the risk of crippling downtime and also cut costs by optimising hardware use and avoiding wasteful spending.

Monitoring SQL server performance is not the only thing which SentryOne specialises in, as it also has provides ranging from database migration to testing and validation and beyond.


It is perhaps redundant to rank one of the world’s biggest companies as a leader in the SQL field, although there is no denying the ongoing impact that Microsoft has in this particular niche, nor is it sensible to discount its ability to disrupt and innovate just as effectively as arguably more agile competitors.

Microsoft SQL Server is well liked by users and benefits from having the support of a significant player behind it, meaning that it can easily be integrated with a range of other services and platforms without encountering compatibility issues or conflicts.

It is worth noting that Microsoft SQL Server is actually outpaced by Oracle’s open-source MySQL in terms of market share, although the addition of support for Linux and Mac OS X has helped the former to grow its influence outside of the Windows ecosystem in recent years.


Specialising in cybersecurity, Imperva makes a number of tools designed to protect IT resources from being exploited by hackers, including a free tool called Scuba which has become especially impactful in the SQL space.

Able to assess and rate databases of various kinds, including popular SQL iterations from the aforementioned Microsoft and Oracle, Scuba can track down all sorts of previously unnoticed vulnerabilities so that they can be fixed.

This software is valuable not just because it shows DBAs where they might be going wrong, but also gives them the information they need to take action so that their database can be brought in line with industry standards.


Just as security concerns cannot be neglected, having a solid backup solution in place is essential for anyone responsible for running an SQL server. That is where Nakivo comes into the picture, providing a wealth of products aimed at saving data and making it easy to restore in the event of a disaster.

With data loss leading to reputational damage as well as causing financial repercussions, having a reliable, scalable solution from a provider like Nakivo in place makes sense for more and more businesses.