4 Different Types of Public Relations to Aid your Business

Do you want to extend your business’ reach? Would you like to display your brand to new audiences who might be interested in your offerings? Welcome to the realm of public relations. If you own a B2B company, PR can help you communicate with partners, customers, politicians, philanthropists, journalists, and more. Irrespective of the size of your business, public relations services can make or break your business’ visibility, fame, and impression. 

Public relations leverage media channels to champion your organization and nurture a positive point of view among the public. With the aid of PR, you can also manage the communications and brand, especially during a crisis. 

Types of PR

Community Relations

Community relations is all about creating your business’ reputation in the local community where your business is based. It is inexpensive and includes regular updates on the company blog, donations, sponsoring a local event, charity work, special discounts, participation in local initiatives to improve the community, and anything that strengthens the relationship with the community and enhances customer loyalty. By committing to your community, you can make positive connections that translate into a boost for your company’s bottom line. 

Opt for community relations so that

  • You get local support for a new project like a housing development or a shopping mall.
  • You can uplift the profiles of your services and products and turn the local community into brand ambassadors.
  • You can give something to the community in return and raise your ethical reputation. 

Business Events

Through business events, you can market your services and products to allow you maximum business exposure. You can host such events to promote your offerings, delight current customers and meet potential customers. You can augment brand awareness and share data-driven information and thought leadership in these events.

Media Relations

Spreading key messages to the target audience requires a solid working relationship with the media. Media relations efforts include pitching interviews or sending press releases to media outlets and publications. Journalists and reporters require a constant stream of news to fill their pages. Therefore, creating compelling news stories for the media about the organizations that need exposure is a winning situation for both parties. Additionally, journalists might seek industry insight, a quote, or even feature you as a case study when compiling an article. This, too, brings forth you and your business as industry leaders. 

Here, you need to know that media relations and public relations services are often considered interchangeable, but they are not. Public relations involve building a relationship between a business and its public through communications. On the contrary, media relations is a part of PR focusing on creating connections with broadcasters, journalists, and bloggers to secure media coverage free of cost.

Crisis Communications

Crisis management involves recognizing, managing, and counteracting negative perceptions and communication surrounding a business crisis. 

When some sort of crisis hits your company, professional crisis management can come to your rescue. A senior member or a founder getting embroiled in a social media platform with someone or an employee blaming the company for ethical misconduct are examples of such crises, as they can damage your reputation and need attention as promptly as possible. 

Having a crisis communication plan to handle things before they create havoc can go a long way in minimizing the negative publicity you receive. For this, you have to decide how to share the news, how to inform the staff, and make sure that the team already knows about the crisis before they hear it from somewhere else. 

Public relations has several types and categories. Your business can succeed in a wide variety of areas with such services. If you want to rev up your connection with other stakeholders, get in touch with a reliable public relations company.