4 Reasons Why a Freelancer May Be a Better Hire Than a Regular Employee

When it comes to resolving a lack of manpower, a company’s usual go-to solution is to simply hire new employees and train them until they’re a regular fixture in the organization. While this is an obviously effective and time-tested solution, it’s not the only one available to employers anymore. Today, savvy business owners can also opt to hire freelancers over regular employees.

A freelancer is basically the same as a regular employee in terms of function and skillset, but the difference is that they are essentially self-employed, taking up assignments and projects from businesses on a contractual basis. This allows them a lot of autonomy when it comes to their own time or schedule, as well as what jobs to take on.

Freelancing has become so popular that it can now be considered an important part of the global economy. A recent study even highlighted the fact that more than 56.7 million Americans are now working as freelancers. Similar trends can also be observed in other parts of the world.

But why should a company hire freelancers? It’s because they provide a unique set of benefits to companies that regular employees are not able to. Here are some of them.

Good freelancers bring years of experience to the table

Long-term freelancers come with years of experience right off the bat. This means that they’ve likely worked with many clients from a range of industries that they have gained a sharp and nuanced understanding of exactly what your business needs and when you need it. As such, you’ll be spending much less time directing or instructing them, as well as correcting their work to your exact specifications. This will prove invaluable in speeding up your workflow and processes.

Experienced freelancers require minimal training to start working

Experienced freelancers come with a lot of experience about their job as soon as you hire them. This means that you won’t have to invest resources in training them just to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to do the work you hired them for. This also means faster turnaround times for the work you assign to them. Of course, you still need to get them situated and up to speed in order to make sure that your demands are accurately met, but this won’t likely take too long to do.

A freelancer allows you to save a lot on company expenses

The expenses of hiring a new employee can be quite steep. Not only do you have to keep them equipped with office supplies, you also have to get new work equipment for them, as well as provide the space that they can occupy during work hours. There’s also the fact that they will also contribute to your usage of utilities. All this results in higher overall expenses for the company.

On the other hand, freelancers mainly work from home using their own office supplies, occupying their own home office space, and working with their own utilities. As such, they won’t have a significant impact on your daily expenses allowing you to save more money and devote it to more business-critical requirements.

Hiring a freelancer affords your business flexibility

Hiring freelancers also allows your business to have some flexibility that it wouldn’t normally have if you only hire regular employees. For example, during off-peak periods, you may want to temporarily downscale your operations to ensure that you’ll remain in the black. While it’s possible to let go of some of your employees during this period, you’ll have to restart the hiring process all over again when the peak season begins, and this means having to train new, fresh employees anew until they are ready to perform at a level you need them to. This is simply not sustainable at all.

By hiring freelancers, you can set it up so that your contract with them starts during peak seasons, and ends during the slower, off-peak ones. From there, you can re-hire them as many times as you need to. You can also part ways with them at short notice if you feel that the arrangement is not working out for you. It’s this flexibility that will see your business continue to become profitable and productive no matter if there’s a lull in demand.

Hiring a freelancer may seem like a foreign strategy to you, especially if you’ve only relied upon regular employees for so long. However, considering you stand to gain a lot of benefits from hiring one, you would be remiss not to see freelancers as a viable and legitimate solution to your needs. Consider hiring a freelancer over a regular employee today, and see just how much they can do for your business.