4 Ways to Pursue Sales Leads More Effectively

How do you effectively pursue your sales leads? Every company has processes and protocols for its sales teams and they often vary widely among different businesses. Some small businesses will even break down the category further by divvying them up between marketing and sales leads. A few aspects, however, are universal, because managing sales leads is a critical part of the sales process.

Once a sales lead has entered the widest point of your company’s sales funnel, you will need to drill down to a point where the lead can make an informed decision to buy your product or service. When it comes to pursuing sales leads, it’s not always about quantity so much as it’s about quality. The best way to pursue quality leads is by digging deeper into your company data. Here are four tips for effectively pursuing sales leads.

1. Track the referral source.


Generating sales leads is key to your growth as a business. If you are trying to find out which marketing strategies are working the best, you will need to trace your sales back. You should track the referral path of every sales lead. You should know whether the lead was generated by things like banner advertising, online search engines, social media, or other sources. By doing this, you’ll notice trends you will begin to get a picture of what’s working and what areas you could improve on. This will be valuable because you will know exactly how and why a lead was generated and that will allow you to offer more targeted sales information.

Tracking each referral source means you can clearly see which sources are working and which aren’t, so you can stop wasting time and money on inefficient keywords or under-performing advertisements.

2. Keep communication open within the company.


The marketing and sales teams should always stay in close contact and work together when necessary. If these two teams are not always on the same page, sales leads could be lost or misdirected, or leads that aren’t ready could be sent prematurely down the sales funnel. Many businesses don’t even have clear guidelines established about “qualified leads” or how the sales funnel process should look.

To keep communication open between teams and the sales goals moving forward, it might be necessary for the team to attend one of the top sales training programs. This will allow your sales personnel to get on the same page and focus on pursuing quality sales leads. Your teams should be continually measuring and analyzing sales procedures to ensure maximum success.

3. Respond to leads quickly and often.


If potential customers are reaching out to your team with interest, it is imperative that they not be left hanging. Customers are essentially knocking on the door and asking to come in. To be successful you have to answer the door. Ideal turnaround time is between 24 and 48 hours, however, 24 is better. Of course, some leads could get turned off by a rapid-fire response, but it’s better to have some contact rather than none.

Your sales team should gauge that initial responsiveness and use the best strategy for follow-ups and sales pitches down the line. This process could be aided by the use of cloud based call center solutions. Your customer service representatives could be making quick first contacts and assigning them to the appropriate teams.

4. Use a strong customer relationship management tool.


The way to gather and utilize all of the information outlined above is with a good customer relationship management tool. It’s the way to organize your data effectively, divide your leads into various categories, and eventually turn leads into customers. With this tool, you can track the sales lead interactions with your company so your sales and marketing teams can be more efficient. You can also move lower quality leads into their own category. These tools will allow your team to work together as they pursue sales leads more effectively.

Following these tips will help elevate your sales team to elite sales professionals. Your sales team is the backbone of your success as a business. Working with your salesforce and providing best practices and solutions, you can help them maximize sales leads.