5 Awesome Reasons to Convert Your Text to Audio

Technology has brought many conveniences to our modern way of living. There is a shortcut tool out there for practically everything. Once you discover the benefits they bring to your life, there’s no going back. One of these tools is a text to audio converter. This capability opens up the doors for what’s possible with written text. And it’s amazingly simple.

You can even convert the text to speech with natural voices, which expands your options even more. Want to hear your text with a different accent? Or change the gender of the speaker? That’s possible, too. Here are five reasons to try converting written words into audio.

1. Listen while you drive.

These days there is so much content out there in the world and not enough time to read it all. Maybe you need to stay on top of a certain topic for work, but there’s not really time in the office for reading. A simple solution is converting that text to audio and listening on your drive to work. It saves you time and makes your commute more fulfilling.

2. Make your video voiceover better.

It seems like everyone has a YouTube channel these days. In fact, if you aren’t making videos, you’re way behind. But not everyone has the right voice for their voiceover. Or maybe you don’t have a quality microphone to record your voice with. With a text to voice tool, that’s not a problem. You simply type out the text you want to be spoken, convert to an mp3 and insert it into your video. You get a professional voiceover without having to pay for someone else’s time.

3. Professionalize your voicemail greeting.

If you’re in business for yourself, you’re always looking for ways up your value in your potential client or customer’s eyes. Sometimes it’s as simple as a professional voicemail greeting. Maybe your voice doesn’t sound great on the phone, or maybe you just want to imply that you have additional staff, especially if you’re just starting out and need to build your reputation.

4. Step up your DJ game.

If you create and record music, sometimes you want spoken samples. With the converter tool, you can create a spoken sample of anything you want, with the ability to customize the voice and even use different languages, if that’s your style. It only takes a few seconds. And it’s a remarkably unique way to free your creativity.

5. Improve your writing.

A good writer always proofreads their work. But the secret of a great writer? They not only read their work; they listen to it. Hearing it spoken aloud is a great way to catch errors you would otherwise miss. You also get a better sense of the flow by hearing it read by a voice other than your own. Using a text to audio converter makes it super simple to do just that.

Whether you’re looking to save time and money, get creative, or boost your personal skills, these are five amazing ways you can use this revolutionary tool. And these are just the tip of the iceberg.