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5 Best data warehouse tools

Data is crucial for businesses. It helps in improving the business processes and also saving costs and time. With good data, companies can achieve their goals faster and make effective decisions that will help them in moving forward. Apart from helping in goal setting, it also allows measuring and also finding benchmarks. Simply put, data will help you in understanding your customers and serving them better. Data mining has gone through tremendous changes over the past few years. Yes! Businesses are using more advanced analytics and techniques to collect data. Data Warehousing is one such process that is helping in collecting data.

What is Data warehousing?

It is a process for collecting and managing data from different heterogeneous sources. The collected data will provide significant business insights. Data warehousing is usually used to analyze and connect business data. It is a blend of components and technologies which help in the meaningful and strategic use of data. Data warehousing can effortlessly transform the data into meaningful information and make it available for the users for consumption. It speeds up the query response time and also improves the access to information too. 

One of the major benefits of data warehousing is, it helps the users in understanding and improving their organization’s performance. Data warehousing is not a new concept, it has been around for a long time. As complex computer systems and the need to handle large amounts of data have increased the need for a data warehouse also increased. Many data warehouse tools in the market are fast and high scalable. With cloud technology becoming more significant in the past few years the cost of data warehousing tools has also reduced. Stick to the end of this article to find out about data warehouse tools that will help your business in collecting data and deriving meaningful insights. 

Here are a few data warehouse tools

Amazon Redshift

Amazon Redshift is currently one of the most popular data warehousing tools. It is highly suitable for enterprises. Redshift processes 1000TB data in mere seconds. This feature alone makes it recommended for high-performance data analytics. Amazon Redshift has been behind many Fortune 500 and start-up analytical initiatives. It fits perfectly well with your organization’s AWS information and data. With this platform, business leaders and developers can easily query large volumes of structured and semi-structured data. Redshift supports concurrency scaling and the automation decreases or increases the resources of the query processing to match with your work demands. This a fully managed data warehouse solution that makes it easy to analyze the data whilst saving costs.  

Google BigQuery

You must be wondering, what is Google BigQuery? Well, it is one of the most cost-effective data warehousing solutions. When your organization is dealing with massive data sets, it can get costly and time-consuming if you don’t use the right infrastructure and hardware. With Google BigQuery, you can put your worries to rest. It utilizes processing power of the Google infrastructures to solve petabytes of data with SQL-like queries to get real-time analytics. It is super-fast and has in-built learning capabilities. Businesses can merge it with the Tensor flow and Cloud ML to create strong AI models. Google BigQuery separates both storage and compute. You can scale your memory and processing resources concerning your needs. Since they are both separate you can manage the scalability, cost of the resource individually, and availability.

Microsoft Azure 

Microsoft Azure is a data warehouse tool that is relational and cloud-based. This platform employs massive parallel processing (MPP) and it comes with a node-based system. Businesses can optimize1000TB-scale data processing along with reporting in real-time with this tool. It comes with unique features that provide it with the ability to build, regulate apps with IaaS. Not only that, it can be easily integrated into your existing IT environment. With this platform, you can store different varieties of data The architecture of this tool supports the optimization of the queries considering the concurrent processes. Along with unique storage, it also has improved scalability and flexibility allowing it to extract meaningful business insights faster. This platform is highly compatible with other resources of Microsoft Azure


Snowflake is another cloud-based data warehouse platform that is suitable for enterprises. It can easily analyze data that comes from a variety of sources. Since it comes with a shared multi-cluster data architecture the processing power and storage are different from one another. It lets you expand the CPU resources concerning user activities. Also, scalability rapidly improves the performance of the queries to deliver insights faster. The unique features of this platform separate the workload and concurrency. Because its design is multi-tenant, sharing data within the organization has become simple and easy. 

IBM Db2 Warehouse

IBM Db2 Warehouse is a tool that is a scalable and fully managed data storage platform. This platform comes with in-built tools for machine learning. These tools will help in effortlessly deploying and training different Machine learning models. This platform is quite suitable for analytics and artificial intelligence applications. IBM Db2 Warehouse supports different languages for machine learning developments such as Python, SQL. If required, you can also use this tool to regulate the scaling of processing power and storage. Some of the unique features of this platform include fast query processing, easier data migration, data loading, in-memory data processing, automatic schema generation, and insights with the help of in-database analytics. Another interesting thing about IBM Db2 Warehouse is that it comes with an intuitive UI and REST API. 

Wrapping Up

As you have made it to the end of this article, you must have understood about different data warehouse tools. These are a few best data warehouse tools available in the market. Data Warehouse tools can unlock the potential of data for organizations. Third-party integrations along with these warehouse tools will unfold the potential of your business and help you in reaching heights and streamlining your business processes. These tools have completely changed the way organizations deal with enterprise data. What are you waiting for? Choose the best data warehouse tool that aligns with your business benchmarks and goals and get meaningful business insights from data and transform your business.